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Backlit Kitchen Counter Tops Are the Trendiest Kitchen Look Right Now

Want to make your kitchen look great and work better for night snacking? Consider a backlit kitchen counter. Learn all about this cool decor trend.

How to Elevate Your Space With Paper Plates

Want to spice up your home decor with an eye-catching, elegant accent wall that's super easy to install? Check out...

Hyundai Just Recalled Thousands of Sedans and SUVs

Hyundai has recently recalled over 65,000 sedans and SUVs because of a potential safety issue. Find out if your vehicle...

These Are the Bedroom Paint Colors You Should Avoid

Here are the bedroom paint colors to avoid if you're looking to give your space a facelift—and the shades you...

Could Peecycling Help Struggling Farmers?

Some say peecycling—saving and donating your urine—could be a solution to the worldwide fertilizer shortage and the global food crisis.

Nissan Recalls Thousands of SUVs: Could Yours Be One of Them?

The Nissan recall potentially affects over 700,000 SUVs in the United States. Find out if your car is included.

You Can Turn an Old File Cabinet Into a Flower Planter—Here’s How

Learn how to make a DIY flower planter with an old filing cabinet to take your patio to the next...

Stanley Quencher Tumbler: Is It Really Worth the Hype?

People are obsessed with the Stanley Quencher Tumbler, and we can see why.

Harbor Freight Tools Just Recalled Miter Saw Blade Guards—Here’s What We Know

Harbor Freight Tools just recalled over 7,100 blade guards for some of their 12-inch miter saws. Own one of these...

How to Make Expensive-Looking Wall Art With a Bed Sheet

This clever DIY project will have you making the perfect abstract art piece for your home in a matter of...

6 Fresh Colors to Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

These six spring paint colors are guaranteed to brighten up your home this season.

Skip an Entry Rug and Opt for a DIY Tiled Entry Instead

Tired of mud and grit messing up your entryway rug? Consider a tiled entry instead.

Tesla Just Recalled Thousands of Cars with Self-Driving Software

Learn all about the Tesla self-driving cars recall and how you can ensure your vehicle is road safe.

How to Incorporate the Fluted Wall Panels Into Your Home

Designers have reimagined classic '70s wood paneling for the modern day!

How to Use a Potato to Paint a Wall

Discover how to use this potato stamp wall art trick to add texture and visual interest to your space.

Want to Level Up Your Thrift Store Finds? Try Hydro Dipping

Learn how hydro dipping can take your thrifted home decor from basic to beautiful with just a few supplies.

8 Backsplashes to Avoid, According to Interior Designers

Some materials are impractical for kitchen cleanliness, while others are decidedly off-trend.

Watch This Woman Create the Perfect Hidden Laundry Room

These hidden laundry room ideas are so smart. Here's how one TikToker concealed a tiny laundry room with a few...

This Hack Will Instantly Elevate Your Fake House Plants

Your faux plants can look so much prettier! This TikToker shows you how to make fake plants look real with...

How to Perfectly Space Your Curtains Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Looking for a simple solution on how to space curtains evenly? It only takes a few minutes and supplies you...

Is Bathroom Carpet Making a Comeback?!

Some celebrities are showing off their carpeted bathrooms, but does this mean we should add carpet into one of the...

This IKEA Bread Box Table Hack Is the Perfect Storage Solution

Interested in DIY upcycling projects? We reviewed a popular TikTok hack on using IKEA's bread boxes to build a bread...

These Simple Hacks Will Eliminate Dust from Your Home

Dusting can be a tedious and time-consuming chore. These dusting hacks will help cut down on dusting time and help...

What Is Laundry Bluing?

Discover how you can use laundry bluing to whiten your clothes or darken your jeans.

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How to Clean Brass With Vinegar in a Few Simple Steps

You don't need to buy a specific cleaner for brass items in your home. Opt for a natural, easy method...

Forget Fire Logs! People Are Filling Their Fireplaces with Candles and It’s So Cozy

Putting candles in the fireplace is an excellent way to add coziness and warmth to your home.

John Deere Just Debuted an All-Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Looking for a new riding lawn mower? John Deere has just released the Z370R, a zero-turn electric riding lawn mower....

Joanna Gaines’ Latest Home Makeover Shows How You Can Make the Most of Any Small Space

Joanna Gaines took on her first "mini reno," and did it in just one week. Her stylish choices prove you...

How to Grow a Cut Flower Garden

If you love farm-fresh bouquets of flowers in your home, why not try growing them yourself? It's easier than you...

How to Wash a Down Comforter

Some of your bedding needs some special TLC! Skip the most common mistakes with these tips on how to wash...