These Are the Bedroom Paint Colors You Should Avoid

Here are the bedroom paint colors to avoid if you're looking to give your space a facelift—and the shades you should work with instead.

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, which is why it’s so important you select bedroom paint colors that help make it feel grounding, calm and authentic to you. Of course, that means choosing shades that feel right to you, but remember that some colors aren’t really suited for painting a bedroom.

Instead of using those shades, you can select bedroom paint colors that will help you establish the energy you seek. Nevertheless, with so many different colors, we understand how confusing it can be to select the right one. That’s why we’re here to help you learn more about the bedroom paint colors to avoid and which to pick. Whether completing a whole bedroom remodel or just repainting your walls, knowing the colors to avoid will set you on the right track.

These Are the Bedroom Paint Colors You Should Avoid

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According to popular TikTok designer and interior architect Phoenix Grey (@mrphoenixgrey), certain hues aren’t the best choice for your bedroom because they won’t help you establish the vibe you want. Let’s dive right into the bedroom paint colors you should avoid.

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  • Red: Because red is so high-contrast, it adds a lot of energy to your room that isn’t conducive to creating a calming bedroom. But don’t toss out your red paint yet—if you love this color, you can still add pops in other spaces in your home, such as your bathroom or dining room. Or, if you’re committed to painting your bedroom red, Grey suggests you select a moodier, darker hue.

  • Yellow: There are many places in your home where yellow paint would shine, but it isn’t ideal for painting your bedroom. Much like red, it’s high energy and doesn’t add a mellow vibe to your room. Grey mentions that this energizing color is ideal for starting your day, but you may struggle to fall asleep in a yellow bedroom.

  • Green: While we love how green brings the outdoors inside, too much in a bedroom is, well, too much. This is especially the case, Grey warns, for light greens. If you must have green in your bedroom, go for a gem-toned shade, so you don’t sacrifice coziness—or skip it altogether.

These Are the Bedroom Colors You Should Go For

Now that you know which bedroom paint colors to avoid, let’s discuss which colors Grey believes are a better alternative. And if you really want to give your space a facelift, you can implement some of these bedroom design upgrades in addition to a fresh coat of paint.

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  • Pink: No, not bubblegum pink! Muted shades are your best friend when picking this color. One reason Grey loves pink in a bedroom is that it pairs beautifully with many different colors, plus you can easily add a visually appealing contrast.

  • Terracotta: If you want to evoke feelings of warmth and coziness with your bedroom paint colors, terracotta is the way to go. It’s basically neutral, so you have a lot of flexibility when working with this paint. Plus, it adds a sunny vibe to your room without being too overwhelming.

  • Black: If dark and moody is your vibe, look no further than black paint for your bedroom walls. While Grey warns that black bedroom paint is difficult to do right, if you succeed, you’ll have a unique sanctuary that allows you to rest and recharge. To do so, be sure to bring in other warm tones that create an intimate vibe. And don’t forget to select black paint with warm undertones for the best result.

Now that you’ve selected your bedroom paint colors, you can start getting innovative with your bedroom furniture to create a truly one-of-a-kind space that reflects you.

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