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    How To Fix an Air Conditioner That’s Leaking Water Inside

    Air conditioners generate water which should go outside. If it's dripping inside, it could ruin your walls and floor. Here's what to do.

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    How To Ground an Ungrounded Outlet

    Improve electrical safety in your home by grounding or replacing old two-prong ungrounded outlets.

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    How to Fix the Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs Yourself

    Our experts explain how to repair the most common causes of central air conditioning service failures.

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    What To Know About Grey Water

    Conserve water and save money while helping your landscaping thrive. Here's what to know about grey water systems.

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    New HVAC System Cost: How Much Is It?

    A new HVAC system is not a trivial investment. We asked an HVAC pro to fill us in on likely...

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    How To Wire an Indoor Hot Tub

    If you've been dreaming about installing an indoor hot tub and you're considering doing the wiring yourself, here's what you...

    Best Tankless Water Heater for On-Demand Hot Water

    If you want a constant supply of hot water while saving money on your energy bill, the best tankless water...

    The Best Presidents Day TV Sales 2023: These 10 Deals Are Better Than Black Friday

    Take advantage of deep discounts on top models like the newest Samsung Frame.

    I Tried This Viral Shower Head Filter, and It Made My Hair Bouncier

    A shower filter could improve your skin and hair texture immediately. Let's put this affordable (and popular) option...

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    Outdoor Hot Tub Wiring Tips

    If you're considering installing the wiring for an outdoor hot tub, we're here to help you understand the scope of...

    Doughnut Lamps May Be 2023’s Next Big Decor Trend

    These unexpected lamps are on their way to becoming the hottest decor trend of 2023. Meet doughnut lamps—sculptural, utilitarian art.

    A Smart Coffee Maker Will Elevate Your Morning (or Evening) Brew

    A smart coffee maker streamlines your morning routine, allowing you to start brewing a fresh cup from your device without...

    5 Best Self-Monitored Home Security Systems to Stay Safe

    Secure your home and keep watch of your property no matter where you are with one of the best self-monitored...

    5 Best Robot Mops to Get Your Floors Squeaky Clean

    Robot mops can completely revolutionize your floor-cleaning routine. Whether you're looking for a hybrid vacuum mop or a high-tech robot...

    5 Best Handheld Vacuums for Everyday Messes

    Trying to rid a closet corner of ever-present dust or remove pet hair from the crevices of your couch? Here...

    The 5 Best Basement Air Purifiers to Remove Dust, Allergens and Odors

    You and your family can breathe easier with a basement air purifier to clean and filter the stuffiest and mustiest...

    Snuggle Up Next to an Electric Fireplace on Valentine’s Day—Get One on Sale for as Low as $99

    Family Handyman's Sales Editor searched high and low to find the best electric fireplace deals. Luckily for...

    If You Hate Harsh Overhead Lighting, You’ll Want to Try This Viral Lighting Hack

    You'll love the ambient light this trick creates in your living space.

    Here’s How to Make This Super Handy DIY Air Cleaner

    The Corsi-Rosenthal Box can reduce the amount of virus-laden aerosol particles in your home as well as any fancy filter...

    The 5 Best Basement Dehumidifiers That Keep Mold and Mildew at Bay

    Prevent moisture damage and keep mildew growth under control with the best basement dehumidifiers.

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    How To Keep Above-Ground Water Systems from Freezing

    If your home or cabin has an above-ground water system, freezing is a serious risk. Here's how I keep my...

    The 7 Best Energy-Efficient Space Heaters to Combat Cold Rooms

    If you have a drafty home, are always cold or just want to add some supplemental heat, there's an energy-efficient...

    How to Build Faux Basement Windows That Provide Real Light

    This project uses a slim LED light panel mounted in a simple frame to give you light and the illusion...

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    8 Ways To Add More Natural Light In Your Basement

    Does your gloomy basement have you feeling down in the dumps? Here are some ways to cheer things up with...

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    Rewiring a House: Why It Matters When Your House Was Built

    The age of your home determines a rewiring project's scope and scale. Here are the four key eras to consider.

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    What Is a HEPA Vacuum?

    It's one that can filter the smallest particles you can imagine out of the air you and your family breathe.

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    How To Calculate Air Duct Cleaning Cost

    Air duct cleaning isn't that expensive, but it's too much if you don't really need it. Find out here when...

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    How Much Electricity Does a Space Heater Use?

    If you're in the market for a portable electric space heater, remember to consider the operating costs. Here's what you...

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    Rewiring a House: How To Manage the Project

    Take charge of your home rewiring project. Follow these tips to ensure a positive outcome.

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    Light Switch Not Working? Try This.

    Light switches can't last forever with all the abuse they take. If one of yours stops working, here's what to...

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    6 Things To Know Before You Upgrade Your Thermostat

    Modern thermostats offer more functions than older ones. You can often swap a new one for an old one, but...