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All the Blackstone Accessories You Need for Grilling this Spring and Summer

Our top picks for Blackstone accessories will make all your summer outdoor living dreams come true! Burgers, anyone?

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9 Outdoor Sink Ideas

Once you install an outdoor sink, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one! Check out these cool store-bought and...

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The Right Way To Prepare Pellet Grills and Smokers for the Winter

One winter my pellet grill was taken over by mold. Don't let this happen to you. Here's how to prep...

Is Your Gas Grill Ready for Winter?

If you want your grill to work in the spring, it's important to get it ready for winter.

Black Friday Grill Sales for a Smoky Holiday Turkey in 2022

Grill sales have a reputation of being a spring event, but that couldn't be more wrong! Serve up a smoky...

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Make a Tiny Oasis in Your Backyard with the Coolaroo Shade Sail

Here's an easy and inexpensive way to throw some shade in your yard or campsite.

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This Grill Basket Will Seriously Improve Your Outdoor Cooking Game

Take the fear out of grilling small or delicate foods with this Family Handyman Approved grill basket.

Smart Grill vs. Wireless Meat Thermometer: What’s the Difference?

Whether you're a weekend griller or a grillmaster, a smart grill or wireless meat thermometer may be for you. We'll...

Family Handyman Approved: Ranger Ready Repellent

Check out the buzz surrounding this DEET-free, Family Handyman Approved insect repellent.

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Take Your Cookout on the Road with This Family Handyman Approved Portable Pellet Grill

Take your passion for cooking nearly anywhere with this Family Handyman Approved portable pellet grill.

5 Smart Grills That Will Improve Your Grilling Game

Cook meat to perfection from your phone! Control these state-of-the-art smart grills via an app for high-tech grilling.

A Family Handyman Approved Father’s Day Gift Guide

Struggling to find the right Father's Day gift for your dad? Check out these Family Handyman Approved products any DIY...

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Cook

This year, give your grilling-obsessed Dad something you know he'll love with one of these outdoor cooking inspired Father's Day...

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How to Clean Your Charcoal Grill

The secret to a successful cookout is a clean grill. Here's how to get your charcoal grill in tip top...

Traeger’s Redesigned Timberline Grill Series Looks Like a Gamechanger

They're not cheap, but the convenience, versatility and consistency of the Traeger Timberline grills could be worth the investment.

How to Plan and Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Design and construct the outdoor cooking center of your dreams.

Buyer’s Guide To Fire Pit Grills

Evolve your fire pit from simply toasting marshmallows to preparing fine meals. We'll review what to look for in a...

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10 Best Grill Covers to Protect Your BBQ Investment

Take good care of your grill and it will be there for you, year after year. We've rounded up top-notch...

Shop the Getaway

Shop the Getaway look for your own home.

6 Best Patio Awning Ideas

Make your patio more fun and functional by adding an awning. The protection and privacy make your patio everyone's favorite...

The Best Roll Up Shades for Your Porch

Sometimes you want a little less sun beating down on your deck. A roll-up shade is an easy to way...

Family Handyman Reader Projects: Outdoor Spaces

We asked Family Handyman readers what kinds of projects they tackled during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The results were...

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How to Deep Clean a Grill

Got a dirty gas grill and want to know how to deep-clean it? Follow this eight-step process to get it...

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We Tried It: Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

If you're looking to keep mosquitoes away from your campsite or a backyard gathering, the Thermacell has you covered.

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The Best Affordable Gifts for the Outdoor Cook

Check out these 15 affordable gifts for the outdoor cook and see if any of them are perfect for your...

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The Best Outdoor Kitchen Kits of 2023

Outdoor kitchens are a backyard bonus. And outdoor kitchen kits make it easy to customize your design and respect your...

30 Grill Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Make your grilling cookout a cut above the rest with these awesome grill tips

The 30 Essential BBQ Tools You Need

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12 Things You Haven’t Tried on Your Grill—But Should

Grilling can add great flavor to foods, and this goes beyond your typical steaks, ribs and chicken. This season, try...

30 Tips for the Perfect Labor Day BBQ

Gather everyone around for one more cookout of the summer this Labor Day, and keep these tips in mind to...