Keep your home sparkling clean inside and out with these projects and tips for a faster and better job.

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    How to Clean Carpets Without a Machine

    Want to clean your carpet but hate those bulky machines? Follow these DIY cleaning tips and methods to learn how to clean carpet without a machine.

    How to Remove Wax From Carpet in 3 Steps

    A pro shares his method on how to remove wax.

    How To Clean Area Rugs Yourself

    Learn how to properly clean area rugs yourself with this step-by-step guide.

    How to Dry Your Wet Carpet

    Get your wet carpet dry and fluffy again with these tips and tricks, whether you're facing mildly damp or fully...

    10 Tips for Wood Floor Scratch Repair

    Do you have ugly scratches in your wood floors? In many cases you can make those imperfections go away—or at...

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    How To Clean a Concrete Patio

    Clean your concrete patio now so it's ready for summertime entertaining, picnics and lazy day relaxing. It's easy and only...

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    How To Disinfect Carpet

    Carpet looking a little worse for the wear? It's probably filled with germs, too. Here's how to clean and disinfect...

    Clean Your Pans the Right Way with the Scrub Daddy Power Paste

    TikTok users are going crazy for the cleaning power of the Scrub Daddy Power Paste. It’s a superstar...

    Laundry Detergent Sheets to Make Everything Smell Fresh

    The days of excessive plastic packaging are coming to an end with the help of these companies and eco-friendly laundry...

    The 7 Best Paint Brush Cleaner Options That Extend the Life of Your Tools

    These top-rated paint brush cleaner options, including solvents, will extend the life of the tools.

    We Tried Amazon’s Mop Slippers, and They Turn Walking Into Cleaning

    These microfiber mop slippers on Amazon turn cleaning hard floors into a fun game-like activity.

    The 5 Best Brooms for Any Mess That Life Throws Your Way

    Whether you're cleaning inside or out, chasing pet hair or dust mites or facing spilled flour, these best brooms provide...

    5 Best Cleaning Brushes That Make Chores So Much Easier

    Cleaning your home shouldn't be a pain! The best cleaning brushes tailor-made for the job saves time and effort.

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    8 Best Car Vinyl Cleaners

    Want to keep your car's interior looking great? Using the right car vinyl cleaner is a great first step. Find...

    The 8 Best Pool Vacuums for 2023

    Swimming pools don't clean themselves. But a great pool vacuum can make cleaning a pool a lot easier and faster.

    How To Disinfect a Mattress

    You and your mattress are pretty close, but when was the last time you disinfected it? A pro shows you...

    How to Use Dryer Sheets to Clean Toilets in No Time Flat

    Here's a TikTok cleaning hack everyone needs to know.

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    What To Know About Airbnb Cleaning Fees

    Confused by the news about Airbnb cleaning fees? Here's what you can expect when booking your next vacation rental.

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    How To Disinfect Baby Toys

    Baby toys get downright gross. Here's how to disinfect baby toys while protecting your little ones from toxic chemicals.

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    How Often To Mop Wood Floors Safely and Effectively

    Hardwood floors looking a little worse for wear? Mop them! Two experts explain how — and how often — to...

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    How to Clean a Microwave With Everyday Household Items

    Learn how to clean a microwave in less than 10 minutes. It's easy, we promise!

    The 6 Best Tile Floor Cleaners for Everyday Spills and Spot Cleaning

    Whether it’s for wiping spilled juice from kitchen tile or cleaning up around the toilet, here are the...

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    How to Clean and Sanitize a Toothbrush

    If you know how to clean a toothbrush, you know it isn't time-consuming or costly. But you may be surprised...

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    7 Spring Cleaning Tasks You Don’t Want To Forget

    Our checklist includes all the basics, plus a few frequently forgotten spring cleaning tasks.

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    These Simple Hacks Will Eliminate Dust from Your Home

    Dusting can be a tedious and time-consuming chore. These dusting hacks will help cut down on dusting time and help...

    How to Clean Brass With Vinegar in a Few Simple Steps

    You don't need to buy a specific cleaner for brass items in your home. Opt for a natural, easy method...

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    How To Clean Windows With Vinegar

    Grease-cutting, mineral-removing vinegar cleans everything, even windows! Here's how to get your windows shining with vinegar.

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    Ways To Wash a Car Without a Hose

    Are you out of luck if you want to wash your car but don't have a hose? No. Learn how...

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    10 Tips on Proper Apartment Cleaning

    New to apartment living? How about cleaning? Not to worry, we've got you covered! These expert tips and techniques will...

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    8 Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Car Wash

    Think it's good for the environment to wash your car at home? An eco-friendly car wash is much better, and...