Clean Your Pans the Right Way with the Scrub Daddy Power Paste

TikTok users are going crazy for the cleaning power of the Scrub Daddy Power Paste. It’s a superstar in the kitchen and can remove grease and grime to make pots and pans shine. 

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Scrub Daddy Power Paste is trending on social media (namely TikTok) as a seemingly-pleasant way to clean ovens, stove tops, and even smokers without toxic chemicals. And it reportedly performs the same magic on dirty old pots and pans. Consider us intrigued. We knew we needed to learn more about the infamous Scrub Daddy Power Paste (and not just because we have a lot of crusty kitchenware). 


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What is the Scrub Daddy Power Paste?

We’re going to say it: The Scrub Daddy Power Paste is the shining star of the Scrub Daddy product line. Used in conjunction with the Scrub Mommy Sponge, deep cleaning chores just got a whole lot easier. The biodegradable cleaner allows you to clean caked-on messes without scratching delicate surfaces. We also love the handy palm-sized tub, as the compatible sponge conveniently fits in the container.

What is the Scrub Daddy Power Paste used for?

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The non-toxic yet powerful Scrub Daddy Power Paste cleans and polishes stoves, tiles, pots, pans and any hard surface with built-up residue. It tackles limescale, soap scum and mildew, and it can also be used on glass, chrome and granite surfaces.

In the kitchen, use it for cleaning your stainless steel appliances and even your glass stovetops. Scrub Daddy cleans burnt on messes in your oven and on your pots and pans.

Outdoors, Scrub Daddy gives new life to patio furniture, grills, and smokers.

In the bathroom, power paste cleans, polishes and protects your countertops, tile and fixtures. Users love how it breaks through soap scum and mineral deposits and claim that glass shower doors sparkle after cleaning with Power Paste.

Scrub Daddy Power Paste is naturally abrasive for tough jobs, so please don’t use it on especially fragile surfaces. Before getting started, test a small area to ensure the surface responds well to the paste. 

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How to Use the Scrub Daddy Power Paste 

Dampen a Scrub Mommy Sponge with warm water and load the abrasive side with the Scrub Daddy Power Paste. Scrub in a circular motion to lift dirt and grime. Rinse and repeat if necessary. When you’re ready to polish the surface, use the soft side of the sponge to wipe any remaining residue away.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Over 8,000 Amazon customers reviewed this natural cleaning product.

Diane recommends the Power Paste as a cleaning solution for old pots, “I love Scrub Daddy/Scrub Mommy sponges; they do an awesome job when washing dishes or pots and pans. The paste worked very nicely. It really removed any burnt marks or wear on my pots with the exception of one. It makes your pots very shiny and my pots are 36 years old! I would definitely recommend this product.”

Scrub Daddy Power Paste Natural Household Cleanservia

May wrote a five-star Amazon review saying, “The pictures speak for themselves! Simply marvelous! The burns or whatever that is on the pot has been there for some years so it required more scrubbing than advertised by some of the people I’ve seen using the product but I ain’t complaining cuz this product is worth every penny.”

Scrub Daddy Power Paste Natural Household Cleanservia

Verified Amazon purchaser Epic Olvera shows before and after pictures saying, “I bought this product to see if I could get the cooked on stains off of my pans. WOW! Not only did it take off the stains but it started taking off the enamel too. I’m glad I only used it on one of my unimportant pans. I won’t use it on anything vintage or that has an enamel coating. I absolutely love this cleaner though and am so glad I found it. Proceed with caution though because it will clean more than you expect. I’m excited to clean more things with it.”

Where to Buy the Scrub Daddy Power Paste

Scrub Daddy Power Paste Natural Household Cleanservia merchant

It’s no wonder this innovative paste went viral. For under $10, you can have a super power working for you.

Scrub Daddy Power Paste and the Scrub Mommy Sponge are available at Target, Walmart and Amazon.

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