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    10 Cool Bookcases for Kids’ Bedrooms

    Keeping books accessible and organized is key to encouraging your young reader! Check out our favorite kids' bookcases for inspiration.

    10 Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Rooms

    Yes, it is possible for a child's bedroom to be tidy and uncluttered. The trick is to be thoughtful with...

    10 Best Bedroom Storage Benches

    Bedroom storage benches hold blankets, shoes and more while providing a convenient place to sit. Here are some of the...

    11 of the Best Home Decor Accounts on Instagram

    These 11 Instagrammers will inspire you and make sure you're up on the latest home decor trends.

    Kids Room Ideas That’ll Give You Instant Inspiration!

    Before your kiddo takes over decorating their room and adorns their walls with the latest posters from Teen Beat magazine...

    How to Elevate Your Space With Paper Plates

    Want to spice up your home decor with an eye-catching, elegant accent wall that's super easy to install? Check out...

    These Are the Bedroom Paint Colors You Should Avoid

    Here are the bedroom paint colors to avoid if you're looking to give your space a facelift—and the shades you...

    6 Best Shoe Bench Finds for Your Entryway

    Get your family's footwear under control! We found the best shoe bench for dirty boots, tying shoelaces, and keeping your...

    For Your Viewing Pleasure: Best TV Stand for a Small Space

    Looking for a TV stand for a small space? We've found plenty of high-quality options to choose from.

    6 Fresh Colors to Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

    These six spring paint colors are guaranteed to brighten up your home this season.

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    8 Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

    Transform your small apartment living room with these space-saving ideas.

    Art Deco Is Making a Comeback—Here’s How to Embrace the Style in Your Home

    Discover how to incorporate hints of art deco style into your home.

    How to Perfectly Space Your Curtains Using Toilet Paper Rolls

    Looking for a simple solution on how to space curtains evenly? It only takes a few minutes and supplies you...

    Is Bathroom Carpet Making a Comeback?!

    Some celebrities are showing off their carpeted bathrooms, but does this mean we should add carpet into one of the...

    Forget Fire Logs! People Are Filling Their Fireplaces with Candles and It’s So Cozy

    Putting candles in the fireplace is an excellent way to add coziness and warmth to your home.

    What Is Warm Minimalism? Everything to Know About This Trend

    Discover the fundamental prinicples of warm minimalism and how you can implement it in your home.

    Upgrade Your Loo with the 6 Best Bathroom Vanities

    A new bathroom vanity can switch up the look of your space. Take your pick from this selection of the...

    Doughnut Lamps May Be 2023’s Next Big Decor Trend

    These unexpected lamps are on their way to becoming the hottest decor trend of 2023. Meet doughnut lamps—sculptural, utilitarian art.

    12 Stellar Ideas for an Entryway Table You’ll Drool Over

    Entryways are the gateways to a home. Keep the space tidy and welcoming with a highly-functional table that looks great...

    10 Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas for a Truly Calming Oasis

    Learn more about the principles of minimalist bedroom design and how you can use them to create a relaxing oasis.

    Joanna Gaines’ Garden Cottage Looks So Incredibly Cozy

    Cozy up in a small cottage with a book and a cup of tea? Yep, count us in!

    The Top Bathroom Decor Trends of 2023

    These top bathroom decor trends include some gorgeous natural finishes on cabinetry!

    15 Man Cave Ideas to Turn Your Basement into the Ultimate Hangout

    Comfy couch? Check. Big TV? Check. Now complete your basement with these cool man cave ideas.

    If Your Indoor Plant Has Water Droplets On Its Leaves, This Is What It Means

    Deciphering those drippy leaves is easier than you might think and reveals the secret to healthy, happy plants.

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    Match Your Houseplants With Your Work-From-Home Vibe

    Whether you're curious, artsy, rigid or lazy, here's how to choose the perfect plants to fit your vibe and workload.

    5 Interior Design Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2023

    Get ahead of the design curve with these stunning home trends, including lively colors, a fresh take on marble and...

    9 Indoor Kids’ Playhouses Perfect for Your Finished Basement

    These indoor playhouses are sure to make kids’ imagination soar (but not create an eyesore) in your living room or...

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    Christmas Decor From Nature: How to Make DIY Porch Pots

    Create DIY Christmas decor from nature with winter container plants that will look beautiful well into the new year.

    Floating Christmas Candles Are This Season’s Must-Have Home Decoration

    These DIY floating Christmas candles are simpler than you think to replicate.

    The Latest Trending Christmas Tree Color May Surprise You

    Nothing says the holiday season like a vibrant red. Here's why red Christmas trees are becoming the "it" tree of...