Yard and Garden Structures

Learn how to build and maintain outdoor structures with these projects, tips and ideas for sheds, fences, pergolas, arbors, storm shelters and tree houses.

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    9 Best Privacy Shrubs

    Whether it's to screen a view, hide an eyesore or gain some privacy from prying eyes, these shrubs offer homeowners a lot of value.

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    How To Drain an Above-Ground Pool

    If you disassemble your above-ground swimming pool, you'll need to drain it first. Here are the DIY steps and necessary...

    Buying a Place for Plants Shouldn’t Be a Pain in the Grass—Shop These Deals and Save on Greenh...

    No matter what space or budget you're working with, there's a greenhouse deal for you. Shop the 10 best, handpicked...

    Everything You Need to Grow Thriving Plants in Your Backyard Greenhouse

    Greenhouses are becoming increasingly popular for lawn and garden buffs. Here’s what you need to help your own...

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    10 Fast Growing Shrubs

    No need to wait years for a return on your investment. These shrubs will develop true size and presence in...

    10 Outdoor Garden Benches

    To help you choose the right outdoor garden bench, consider these factors and products. Some of the latter are DIY-able.

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    10 Best Garden Water Features

    Update your outdoor space with one of these inspiring garden water features. You can build some of them yourself!

    How to Build a Modern Water Fountain

    Create a calming and relaxing environment right in your backyard with this modern water curtain.

    The 8 Best Pool Vacuums for 2023

    Swimming pools don't clean themselves. But a great pool vacuum can make cleaning a pool a lot easier and faster.

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    How to Build a Vertical Garden

    Time to grow up with these plans for a vertical garden.

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    8 Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas

    Don't throw away that old, cracked wheelbarrow just yet. Here's inspiration for how to transform it into a beautiful

    17 Gifts for Gardeners Guaranteed to Please

    The best gifts for gardeners are more than practical, they’re artful. Impress anyone with a green thumb with...

    Heat Things Up This Valentine’s Day with Hot Tub Sales

    Our Sales Editor dug through hundreds of hot tubs to find the best hot tub sales online, just in time...

    The 5 Best Hanging Chairs for Your Home

    Gently rock and sway your way to comfort. Check out this cool collection of hanging chairs to fit every space...

    How to Install an Egress Window

    Adding a code compliant egress window makes a brighter, safer basement.

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    What To Consider When Buying a DIY Shed Kit

    A DIY home or shed kit can save you lots of money and time if you're handy. Here is everything...

    Honor Your Eco-Friendly Resolutions (and Your Wallet) with These Gardening Sales

    Greenhouses are a spectacular way to continue tending to crops well into the winter. Shop these garden sales to stock...

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    10 Types of Flowering Trees

    Flowering trees can make a big statement when they're in full bloom. Every yard should have at least one such...

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    10 Types of Flowers to Spruce Up Your Garden

    Brighten your landscape with fanciful types of flowers that offer vibrant color in spring, summer and fall.

    Amazon’s Affordable, Portable Greenhouse Protects Plants All Winter

    This wallet-friendly, highly-rated, portable greenhouse on Amazon will keep all of your plants safe from frost and furry...

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    10 Tips to Build a Better Concrete Sidewalk

    Build strong, crack-free concrete sidewalks and slabs with advice from the pros for forming edges, leveling, smoothing, curing and other...

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    You Should Dust Your Houseplants— Here’s Why

    You know you have to water houseplants, but did you know you should also dust them? Dusting houseplants is easy...

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    10 Ways to Have an Indoor Apartment Garden

    If you live in an apartment, you can still exercise your green thumb. With a little creativity, you and your...

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    7 Houseplants That Don’t Require Drainage

    If you have a container without holes for drainage, you can still grow a houseplant in it — at least...

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    Deciphering Tomato Plant Tags: What Do Those Codes Mean?

    A good plant tag can tell you so much about a tomato plant: Its mature size, resistance to disease and...

    The 8 Best Ping Pong Tables for Your Home Game Room

    With these must-have tables, you can play ping pong just about anywhere.

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    What’s a Catio and Why Would I Want One?

    The catio revolution is afoot. Here's what to know about cat patios, which keep kitties and wildlife safe.

    What Is Winter Sowing?

    Using commonly recycled containers and a few hardy seeds, you can make your own mini greenhouses

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    The 10 Best Plants for an Indoor Herb Garden

    Once you have success with a few easy-to-grow indoor herbs, you'll start looking for more to grow and cook with!

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    What You Need To Know About Pool Filters

    Swimming pool filters are not one size fits all. Here's a look at the different types and which one might...