Create Your Own Backyard Oasis Just Like the Ones on ‘The Outdoor Show’

Every backyard needs a shady place to relax.

What is the “best” backyard? While it’s hard to define what actually makes a backyard the “best,” we think any backyard where you enjoy spending time is a winner. All it takes is a little inspiration and some DIY know-how.

On the fourth episode of the At Home with Family Handyman series The Outdoor Show, we got an up-close look at two projects that transformed a pair of homes. At one location, we see the addition of two gazebos, giving that backyard dual shady spots for relaxing outdoors. The other project was a pool and deck combination that turned a basic backyard into something closer to Club Med.

A gazebo is a great addition to any yard because it gives you a little oasis for kicking back when the weather’s warm. Building a gazebo is a multi-day project, depending on the complexity of the design. But it’s still something most people can DIY. There are also gazebo kits that save you some time, too.

If a gazebo isn’t your speed, you could build a pergola, another way to add a shady nook in your backyard. They’re great for covering a paver patio or spot in your garden. Another option is the classic screened-in porch, a simple way to enclose your outdoor space so you can relax outdoors without being bothered by flies or mosquitoes.

When it’s hot outside, a pool really makes a terrific addition to any backyard. But to really improve the look and feel, it’s best to surround it with a deck. There are a few options for decking materials go, so make sure to choose something that’s durable and fits the look you want.

Building a deck is one of the most common large DIY projects. While there’s a lot that goes into it, there’s no reason to be intimidated by the task.

Whatever you choose to make your backyard a little more comfortable, be sure to check out The Outdoor Show, streaming on At Home with Family Handyman, for guidance and inspiration. And while you’re on the At Home with Family Handyman app, check out the library of instructional videos for step-by-step instructions for building the perfect outdoor oasis.

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