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Keep your entire home well organized and find storage space you didn’t know you had with these organization and storage projects, tips and ideas.

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How to Build a Key Rack For Your Wall

If you're always misplacing your keys, wallet or sunglasses, this handy key rack is the perfect project for you.

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How to Build a Wooden Clothing Rack

Is your closet overflowing with clothes? You can build this practical and stylish clothing rack in a day by following...

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7 Built-In Storage Ideas for Small Homes

Feeling cramped in your apartment or small house? These built-in storage ideas will free up space and help your cut...

6 Best Shoe Bench Finds for Your Entryway

Get your family's footwear under control! We found the best shoe bench for dirty boots, tying shoelaces, and keeping your...

This IKEA Bread Box Table Hack Is the Perfect Storage Solution

Interested in DIY upcycling projects? We reviewed a popular TikTok hack on using IKEA's bread boxes to build a bread...

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Why Marie Kondo Has Finally Embraced Messy

The world-famous tidying expert has a sweet new set of priorities.

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Does This Daily 15-Minute Decluttering Hack Really Work?

Try this simple decluttering method to organize your entire home without experiencing burnout.

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10 Power Tool Storage Ideas

Love your power tools but struggling to store them efficiently? Here are some solutions to help organize your workshop or...

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Feng Shui for Your Home: A Guide

Exploring the person-place connection — and better design — with the principles of feng shui, according to an expert.

These 8 Organizing Deals Make Your New Years Resolution to Declutter Easy

Are your basement and garage overflowing with clutter? Shop these cleaning and organizing deals for savings on Dyson and Roomba.

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Save Money And Declutter Your Home With This Simple Trick

Extra bins and baskets? Don't get rid of them. Save time and money on your next decluttering project by setting...

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10 Renter-Friendly Studio Apartment Storage Ideas

Even a tiny apartment can be tidy and organized with these creative and renter-friendly storage solutions.

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10 DIY Bike Storage Ideas You Must See

These clever ideas will keep your favorite wheels accessible and organized while saving space for your other gear.

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Pantries Are Making a Comeback

Pantries were nearly extinct, but now they're back. Why you might want one and how to get it.

This Genius IKEA Pull Out Drawers Hack Will Double Your Storage Space

Who doesn't need more storage space in their kitchen?

5 Best Under Bed Storage Solutions of 2023

These under bed storage options keep your belongings organized and protected while freeing up valuable closet space.

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10 Storage Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms

Even the smallest bathrooms can be organized with the right storage solutions!

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Clutter vs. Hoarding: What’s the Difference?

We all struggle with clutter, but hoarding can cause serious safety and hygiene issues for you and your home. Learn...

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7 Downsizing Tips For Your Living Space

Are you moving to a smaller space or just looking to declutter your life? Here are some pro downsizing tips...

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What Is Clutter and What Can I Do About It?

Books, toys, tools. Clutter builds up in no time. What is clutter, and why is it important to reduce it?

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12 Home Office Lighting Ideas

Create a work environment that's beautiful and functional, too, with inspiration taken from these lighting ideas.

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12 Space-Saving Tool Storage Ideas You Can DIY

If you're looking for creative ideas about how to store more of your tools in your workshop, you'll find a...

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11 Storage Tips for Cutting Clutter

Need more places to store your stuff? We asked our pro storage gurus for their favorite storage tips and advice.

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9 Handy Tips to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Tidy up your kitchen cabinets with these creative tips and game-changing storage products.

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5 Genius Tips on How to Store Bedding

Here's how to properly store it to save space and avoid problems with moisture, bugs and more.

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How to Declutter Your Closet in 4 Easy Steps

Use these time-tested tips to keep your closet organized and your clothes in tip-top shape.

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How To Become a Professional Organizer

Are you a whiz at organizing and decluttering? Thinking about launching your own small business? We talked to pro organizers...

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10 DIY Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Stuffed animals taking over the toy room? These clever DIY storage ideas will help you get them off the floor,...

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How To Start Decluttering When It Feels Overwhelming

Clutter stresses us out. So does decluttering. An organizational expert explains how to declutter and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

How To Wax a Boat

Boats are made for fun in the sun, but that sun (and water) dulls the surface over time. Learn how...