Hyundai Just Recalled Thousands of Sedans and SUVs

Hyundai has recently recalled over 65,000 sedans and SUVs because of a potential safety issue. Find out if your vehicle is part of the Hyundai recall.

Modern vehicles are extremely complex, relying on thousands of intricate parts working in tandem to run. It’s really quite amazing that they work at all, given how many tiny details have to be just right. But somehow they do, most of the time.

That said, everything fails eventually. Usually, broken vehicle parts mean a simple trip to your mechanic shop to fix whatever went wrong and the hope that your car insurance will help cover costs. But occasionally one of these small parts proves to be faulty by design.

Sometimes these design failures are dangerous. That’s when responsible vehicle manufacturers issue a recall of vehicles affected by the faulty part and take steps to redesign or repair it. That’s exactly what Hyundai has done recently with their recall of thousands of sedans and SUVs.

Which Hyundai Models Are Recalled?

Hyundai recently recalled 65,517 Genesis line sedans and SUVs manufactured between 2020 and 2023. Specifically, they’re recalling:

  • 32,940 Genesis GV80s
  • 21,917 Genesis GV70s
  • 9,720 Genesis G80s
  • 940 Genesis GV60s

Why Are These Hyundai Models Recalled

Brand New Hyundais Sit at Hyundai Dealership Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

These vehicles are being recalled because of a possibly dangerous problem with their seatbelt pre-tensioners. Seatbelt pre-tensioners use a small explosive charge to tighten and lock seatbelts around the driver and passengers during a crash. Hyundai has determined that the seatbelt pre-tensioners in the models above could explode during a crash, potentially harming the vehicle’s occupants. Hyundai has recalled other vehicles over the last several years because of faulty pre-tensioners and is likely trying to correct this issue in more vehicles before anyone is injured.

How Do I Check for Recalls on My Vehicle?

Think your vehicle may be included in this recall? Visit the recalls section of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website and enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If your vehicle has been recalled, the NHTSA website will let you know.

Alternatively, you can enter your VIN in the recalls section on Hyundai’s website. Hyundai has also stated that it’ll be notifying all owners of affected vehicles on or before April 17, 2023.

What Should I Do If I Have a Recalled Hyundai?

Phone the nearest certified Hyundai dealer and explain that your vehicle has been recalled because of a faulty seatbelt pre-tensioner. Ask how soon you can make an appointment to receive the free repair offered by Hyundai. Make the appointment and get the repair done as quickly as possible.

The repair involves the installation of a protective cap on the pre-tensioner that prevents pieces of the device from flying out at dangerous speeds if it’s activated during a crash.

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