Mr. Build It Tackles Renovations and Fun DIY Projects

Ready to transform your home into the ideal modern living space? Tune in to Mr. Build It on At Home With Family Handyman.

When Alex Mazhukhin purchased a fixer-upper first home in 2015, he understood he was taking the first steps into the world of DIY. But did he know his desire to upgrade his family’s home would eventually lead him to starring in a streaming series centered around his building and DIY prowess?

Not exactly.

“It’s incredibly humbling,” says Mazhukhin. “Knowing that this DIY journey all started with having to get creative when it comes to making a comfortable home for starting our family. And now it’s grown into a show that anybody can watch and see where how far we’ve come.”

Mr. Build It is a new series on At Home With Family Handyman, featuring YouTuber, dad and everyman Alex Mazhukhin. The series will follow Mazhukhin and his wife Irina as they make their way through various DIY projects.

Mazhukhin and Co. will walk viewers through many aspects of home improvement, from kitchen upgrades to fireplace demolition to building a sauna in an unused shed. 

Who Is Mr. Build It?

Mr. Build it building something with woodAt Home with family Handyman

Mazhukhin gained the moniker “Mr. Build It” through his YouTube channel.

While fixing up his own home, he found invaluable inspiration from the work other people were doing and posting online. Mazhukhin quickly realized a lack of inspiration and know-how hold people back from improving their homes. He decided to make his own videos addressing this issue.

With his content, Mazhukhin hopes to help people understand everything that goes into DIY projects so that they can feel comfortable tackling them on their own.

“At first, everything seems like a giant undertaking,” Mazhukhin says. “But once you decide to eat the elephant one bite at a time and start from the first step, the only thing that is left to do is to embrace the sweat part.

“The hard work and frustration is guaranteed to come along the way. But in the end, it will be a priceless lesson and you can take that knowledge on to the next project.”

DIY Home Improvement Projects

Few people move into a new home and find it exactly how they want it. Most of the time, you have to grow into your home — and grow your home around you.

Every project I’ve ever taken on was motivated by building our dream environment,” says Mazhukhin. If you’re motivated by a similar dream, here are some home improvement projects you can take on to create your own ideal home space:

Where To Watch Mr. Build It

Mr. Build It can be found on the At Home With Family Handyman streaming channel. At Home is streaming now on XUMOThe Roku ChannelLG ChannelsPlexfuboTVSling Free, and the Family Handyman app. It’s also available on iOS, Apple TV, Android, AndroidTV, FireTV, and Roku devices.

More streaming platforms will be announced in the coming months.

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