I Tried Slobproof Touch-Up Paint Pens From Amazon to Fix Chips in My Walls

Make your space look new again with the help of a refillable touch-up paint pen, like this option from Slobproof.

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Let’s get one thing straight–I’m not a professional painter. However, the sheer number of items I’ve painted in my lifetime says otherwise (kidding). Whether it was fixing a ding in my college dorm’s wall or turning a brown bedroom dresser into a sunshine-yellow delight, painting hastily seems to be my modus operandi.

Unfortunately, painting quickly leaves walls and furniture susceptible to nicks and scratches. Luckily, touch-up paint pens save the day–and my peeling paint. One of the most popular options on the market, the Slobproof Paint Pen, is available on Amazon. This means I easily got my paws on it to test for the general population.

Best of all? Since I’m not an expert painter, my thoughts and recommendations are applicable to the average person. If I like this paint pen and think it’s simple to use, it probably is. Let’s get into it, shall we?

What is the Slobproof Touch-Up Paint Pen? 

The Slobproof Touch-Up Paint Pen is a pen-like receptacle for touching up dings and scratches around your home. The upper part of the pen is made of see-through plastic, which is where your desired paint is inserted using the included syringe. On the bottom, you’ll find a small tip where the paint comes out, which is similar to that of a paint brush. To disperse paint, twist the upper part of the pen.

Besides being able to easily touch-up paint on places like walls and ceilings, the Slobproof can also be used for general arts and crafts. Need to entertain your nephew for an hour? Hand him one of these (and a piece of blank paper). If you’re lucky, you may have a masterpiece to hang on the fridge.

Slobproof Touch-Up Paint Pen Features

Although Slobproof Touch-Up Paint Pens aren’t exactly feature-rich, like the latest smart home devices, these pens still have a lot going for them. For starters, you’re able to refill these. Yes, contrary to the belief of some reviewers, you can clean, dry and reuse each of these pens. To do so, simply turn the end piece until it pops out. You’ll also need to pull the brush out of the pen (and wash it) in order to prevent unwanted color mixing.

The pens come with a plastic cap, which is designed to fit easily over the brush. This is useful for those who want to keep their paint fresh for easy touch-ups. And since the brand claims the paint stays fresh for up to seven years when properly used, you can store these with your other painting supplies.

How We Tested It 

hand holding a paint pen with white paint on a wallCaroline Lubinsky/Family Handyman

As someone who can’t bring items up the stairs without dinging them on the wall, I had countless opportunities to use the Slobproof Touch-Up Paint Pens. A headboard, chair rail, wall and even my ceiling were subject to my intense scrutiny and subsequent painting. In fact, I walked around my home for weeks with my eyes peeled for opportunities to use this handy painting tool. Truth be told, using this pen was so easy that I wanted to do each nook and cranny in my home, leaving no stone unpainted (er, unturned).

My excitement aside, here are the main pros and cons to be aware of prior to purchasing these touch-up pens:


  • Reasonably priced
  • Keeps paint fresh for up to seven years
  • Available in a two- or five-pack
  • Simple to use
  • Works with latex- and water-based paints
  • Useable on a variety of surfaces
  • Refillable


  • Small brush tip may not work for larger dings


How do I fill the touch-up paint pens with paint?

Luckily, you won’t have to have the talent of a circus Houdini to fill the pen. Simply use the included syringe to dispense your desired paint into the plastic end. (Remember to hang onto any leftover paint you used to paint your home for when touch-ups are needed!)

How long will my paint stay fresh inside the pen?

According to Slobproof, paint stays fresh inside of the pen for up to seven years. However, I cannot personally speak to that, as I’ve only used the pens for a few months.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say 

Still not sold on touch-up paint pens? You don’t have to take my word for it. Check out what other verified purchasers from Amazon really think.

“Highly recommend these touch-up pens,” writes five-star reviewer, Sarah Lynn. “Easy to use. I’ve been using them in my new construction home for around eight months now on the drywall and trim. With dogs and young children, these are a must-have to fix little spots. Love these pens.”

Amazon reviewer, Samantha W., writes, “I am IN LOVE with this product. It made touching up my house so easy before I listed it for sale. It was super easy to use and the paint blended seamlessly, it looks like there was absolutely never anything stuck into my walls. Love it, definitely a gem.”

“These are the coolest little things,” explains purchaser, L. Grimes. “The paint stays ‘fresh’ and the brush doesn’t dry out in between uses. This is literally the perfect paint pen for everyday touch-ups and scratches. You get two in a package, so you can fill them with two different paint colors to have on hand for the higher traffic rooms of the house.”

Final Verdict 

Whether you own or rent your home, the Slobproof Touch-Up Paint Pens are a staple I recommend. Keep them alongside your primer, roller and paint brushes. They’re about to become your handy best friend.

Where to Buy Slobproof Touch-Up Paint Pens

Paint Pensvia merchant

Budget-conscious individuals: It’s our time to shine. The Slobproof Touch-Up Paint Pens won’t leave a gaping hole in your pocket as many retailers sell them for around $20. Pick up a two pack from Amazon to fix your own paint dings and scrapes today.

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