Improve the Health of Your Yard with the Sun Joe Dethatcher

Don’t let your grass get smothered with thatch! Use the top-rated Sun Joe Dethatcher to care for the health of your lawn. 

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It’s no surprise that homeowners love using the Sun Joe Dethatcher, as it’s proven to be one of the most popular dethatchers on the market

For the DIYer who wants to improve their yard’s health, the Sun Joe Dethatcher is a fast and cost-efficient way to break up the debris taking over your lawn. This powerful electric unit saves hours of back-breaking work. In just one pass, you’ll groom your greens like a pro with the Sun Joe Dethatcher.

Professional lawn care experts agree that having more than one-half inch of thatch can begin to smother the roots of grass, block nutrients and enables the development of things like root rot, insects and fungus. 

Of course, you can use a manual thatch rake or tow-behind dethatcher for your riding mower, but this corded unit is a solid solution for a small to midsize yard.

What is the Sun Joe Dethatcher?

The Sun Joe Dethatcher is an electric dethatcher and scarifier suitable for small to midsize yards. Using steel spring tines, this dethatcher automatically rakes a 13-inch path with the help of the powerful 12-amp motor. This dethatcher is lightweight and easy to maneuver yet has the drive of a workhorse. 

The scarifier blades and rake tines are easily swapped, depending on your turf’s needs, making this a dual-purpose machine. This dethatcher not only removes thatch, but it also prepares your lawn for reseeding, tackles problem zones and helps keep your grass healthy all year long.

If you can’t be tethered by a cord, Sun Joe also makes a battery-powered cordless dethatcher.


  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Adjustable depth
  • No gas, oil or fumes
  • Powerful performance
  • 2-year warranty


  • Hard to clean
  • Small catch bag

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How to Use a Sun Joe Dethatcher

Removing built-up thatch with the Sun Joe Dethatcher is as easy as mowing your lawn. Assembly is simple—after unboxing, just attach the handle. Before you begin, choose between the five adjustable tine depths, plug it in and hold on tight! This pint-sized unit has plenty of giddy-up and go. 

The dethatcher easily moves forward, dislodging the thatch and bagging it seamlessly. It can also be used without the bag; however, the resulting piles of debris must be removed from the grass. Most users simply collect the thatch with a bagging lawn mower.

The Best Sun Joe Dethatcher Reviews on Walmart

Verified Walmart customer, Alan, is happy with his purchase.

“Go For It! Nothing to lose,” Alan explained. “I wasn’t very hopeful about such an inexpensive machine. WOW! Was I in for a great surprise. This dethatcher was light, easy to handle and pulled out bags and bags of thatch with ease! I did my entire 3/4 acre yard, two passes at 90 degrees to each other in about 6 hours. The grass catcher fills up way too fast to be practical so I ended up picking up the thatch with my lawn mower. It has been very seldom that I’ve been so happy with a tool purchase. If caring for your lawn is high on your list…. I strongly encourage purchasing this tool.”

I could actually almost hear my yard sighing with relief to get the tons of thatch off it,” customer Kleenk8 explained. “My yard had not been thatched for years. It is looking tremendous after two short weeks.”

Mike, another Walmart customer says, “Easy to use. Very powerful. Better alternative to renting a machine if you plan to use more than once. Great value.”

Where to Buy the Sun Joe Dethatcher

Sun Joe Electric Lawn Dethatcher Ecomm Via Walmart 3via merchant

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the Sun Joe Dethatcher gets high marks for performance and results. People enjoy using the machine and see a significant improvement in the health of their lawn. Sun Joe Dethatchers are available on Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot.

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