Save the Hassle And Your Trim with the Bucket Edge

Homeowners and contractors rejoice! The Bucket Edge is here to give you the peace of mind you need while painting walls and ceilings.

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One of the most nerve-wracking parts of interior painting is ensuring nothing drips onto your trim or the floor. Sure, you can put masking or painter’s tape anywhere you don’t want paint, but that sucks up so much time you could spend painting. Enter the Bucket Edge, a heavy-duty painting guard that leaves trim and other surfaces untouched while painting.

What is the Bucket Edge?

The Bucket Edge is a piece of heavy-duty aluminum that sits over your trim or other surfaces that you don’t want to get paint on. Unlike masking tape, it takes seconds—not minutes—to set up, and there’s zero risk of paint seeping through.

You can also use this painting tool to cut and mark straight lines, remove bubbles from wallpaper and scrape ceilings. That’s not all: it replaces your dustpan and is even useable as a funnel in a pinch.

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How to Use the Bucket Edge

Simply place the Bucket Edge over the area you’re trying to protect and start painting. It comes in three sizes (12, 20, and 40 inches), so there’s no job too big or too small. The three sizes nest together for easy storage.

To use it as a dustpan, turn it upside down and sweep all the debris onto the flat surface. Pick it up and use the funneled ends to ensure every last bit goes into your trash bag—not all over your floors.

The Best Bucket Edge Reviews

Five-star reviewer Jimmy has been a house painter since the 1990s, and writes that this is one of the most useful tools in his arsenal. “I absolutely hated painting before I found this tool. Why? I hate taping off a room and it cuts into my labor costs…These are well put together, and the edges are not flimsy. I have 2 more sets on the way!”

“The Bucket Edge tools are awesome! I bought them after we purchased a new home,” reviewer Jennifer Mccabe explained. “They worked great to paint the entire home. No doubt they saved us tons of time not having to tape off nearly as much and we didn’t need to tarp off floors. My husband loves the Bucket Edge and will continue to use them in his construction and remodeling business.”

“This tool has been amazing,” customer Justin remarks. “I will never paint without them and definitely recommend this product. Saves a tremendous amount of time as well as money spent on tape. It has been useful on every job so far which is impressive.”

Where to Buy the Bucket Edge

Bucket Edge Painting Tool Ecomm Walmart.comVIA MERCHANT

There are three different sized available at Walmart. The 12-inch is great for small projects, like painting furniture or window sashes. The 40-inch is ideal for large jobs. And if you’re a professional—or have a lot of DIY painting projects in your future—it’s worth investing in the Bucket Edge three-piece set that includes 12-, 20- and 40-inch models. If you ask us, it’s worth the price to never worry about paint dripping on our trim.

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