Wrist Aficionado: One Click Success Story



In today’s business climate, many physical retail stores are either closing their doors or being forced to switch to an online-only model. In fact, according to figures released by Coresight Research, more than 8,400 retail stores have closed their doors for good in 2020. Although consumers increasingly rely on online stores, a trend fueled by COVID-19 , some unique brands have proven that brick and mortar retail experience has endurance.

Wrist Aficionado, a specialist and seller of pre-owned luxury watches, is one of the few modern companies whose customers prefer a hybrid approach, and the demand for a traditional, tangible shopping experience has prompted the brand to open new markets. retail stores in New York and Miami despite debuting as an online-only business in 2016. Positioning their stores in decidedly luxury areas is part of the brand’s winning strategy, as the New York store is located next to Fifth Avenue next to Central Park, while Miami’s location calls it the five-star, home of the world-famous Setai Hotel.

The vision behind Wrist Aficionado was to help watch enthusiasts source rare and unique watches without the price tags associated with their brand new counterparts. Founded as an online marketplace for watch enthusiasts to buy and sell rare luxury pieces, the concept of the company quickly took off, with fans of exclusive brands like Rolex, Patek Phillippe, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet and other fine jewelry manufacturers flocking to Wrist Aficionado for their unique combination of accessibility, expertise and a carefully curated collection.

Wrist Aficionado quickly began to receive feedback from customers that they wanted a place to see and physically try on the watches with the help of the experienced specialists in the store. Since then, Wrist Aficionado has opened two showrooms, in New York and Miami, where customers can do just that. The balance of online and physical options best facilitates the needs of the 21st customer of the century for this innovative brand, which plans to open one or two additional retail stores each year. For watch enthusiasts who prefer an online experience, or who are located outside of the New York or Miami radius, wrist aficionado.com is still the go-to destination to shop direct from the website with international delivery. available.

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