Wrexham Hollywood co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney watch the club in action for the first time


Hollywood star’s Wrexham co-owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds were on hand at York Road tonight to watch their team play Maidenhead in the National League.

cElhenney and Reynolds made headlines after taking 100% of the Red Dragons in February of this year.

They took over from the Wrexham Supporters’ Trust and made a £ 2million investment under the terms of the deal.

Tuesday’s game was Wrexham’s first game the duo have attended since taking over the club, but it turned out to be a bitter experience as Maidenhead won the game 3-2.

Wrexham fan Andy Gilpin said he was “stunned” to see the Hollywood owners in York Road and that their appearance had “given fans a boost”.

“We felt like maybe they’d shown up today, but we didn’t really think that could happen until we saw them at the stand,” Gilpin told the PA news agency.

“Obviously that gave everyone a big boost – they’re there, you can see them, they were waving to the fans.

“We knew they were in the area and we knew they landed about six hours ago, but we thought it would probably be a game too far for them. Then we saw a lot of stewards just rushing in. before kick-off and then the rumor spread that yes they are there.

“There’s a hype, and then there’s an appearance in Maidenhead, which isn’t really the kind of entry into Hollywood, it’s a very low-key pitch, and to see two Hollywood stars there- down in the middle of the podium, we were just stunned.

“It’s quite a statement to come here to Maidenhead and be fair play for them.

“For them to come here, it shows that they are serious.

“I didn’t expect them to be here, I thought they would save it for Torquay where they would have a red carpet entry and to see them here was just amazing.

“I went downstairs and took a very blurry picture of two people waving to someone and to be honest it gave us all a good boost, it was really great to see them.”

After taking over in February, a statement from Reynolds and McElhenney read: “It is a special day for both of us to become the final stewards in Wrexham AFC’s long and rich history.

“Together with the players, staff, fans and the local community, we can now pursue our goal of growing the squad and bringing them back to the EFL in the face of increased attendance and an improved stadium, while making a positive difference for the wider Wrexham community.

“The Wrexham AFC is only able to prosper because of the incredible efforts of the Wrexham Supporters Trust.

“Their members perfectly reflect the integrity and spirit of the city and they will always have an important role in the club.”


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