With Jackson, Mississippi attorney Thomas Rollins, through bankruptcy


Financial hardship is one of the most difficult matters an individual or family can face. There are so many misconceptions about bankruptcy and Thomas Rollins, attorney and founder of the Rollins law firm, is ready to correct it.

Thomas Rollins and his Jackson-based law firm are ready to stand by and help individuals get back on their feet. “Filing for bankruptcy can be the first step in taking control of your financial situation.” When working with a new client, Rollins and his team take the time to understand their overall financial situation in order to understand the best option. According to Rollins, the two most common types of bankruptcy they file are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 is the easiest type of bankruptcy as it is about getting rid of any type of unsecured debt like credit card debt, payday loan, medical loan, etc. Secured Debt is debts tied to a house, car, or tangible asset. Chapter 13 is a more complex form of bankruptcy that involves a debt organization. In this way, debtors can combine their debts into one monthly payment, which is usually spread over 5 years.

The pandemic has interesting implications for the bankruptcy industry as a whole. When Rollins first started its practice in 2010, bankruptcy was at an all-time high, steadily declining 7-10% each year for the next 10 years until 2020, when it suddenly declined by around 50%. Prior to 2020, one of the biggest causes of bankruptcy was looming home foreclosures, but a nationwide moratorium on foreclosure has been in place since March. Unfortunately, while this has given many troubled people a brief respite, it cannot last forever and Rollins is concerned about the situation many families will find themselves in with the end of the moratorium.

However, with the right planning and implementation of strategic solutions, the individual does not have to go alone. With the assistance of Thomas Rollins and his team of skilled attorneys, individuals can stop foreclosures, garnishment, seizure and the endless harassment of creditors. “You are not alone, there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” says Rollins. In addition to exceptional legal services, The Rollins Firm offers the most accessible payment terms in the state. They are the first Mississippi law firm to file Chapter 13 cases with no upfront legal fees, and they offer two separate payment plan options for individual Chapter 7 filing. “Our goal is to give our clients as many options as possible and make our services available to everyone, ”says Rollins.


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