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The reaction of most savvy drivers to snow or ice is to slow down and avoid dangerous maneuvers. Bridgestone Winter Driving School in Colorado takes the opposite view. In the name of training safe drivers, they put students in dire straits on a closed course and have them repeat the most common problems over and over again.

Oversteer skidding is the scariest part. The rear tires lose grip and the rear of the car suddenly wants to be in front. This happens when you enter a turn too fast, so of course instructors urge class members to do just that. The solution, at least for front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive cars, is totally counter-intuitive: accelerate, albeit slowly. This transfers the weight and traction to the rear tires. Once you’ve fixed a slipway on track safety, it’s hard not to feel like a hero.

Since its founding in 1983, the BWDS has produced approximately 89,000 such heroes, including professionals (truck, bus, and fleet drivers), government employees (state police, FBI agents, and service providers). secrets), car enthusiasts and the general public. This is his 37th consecutive season.

The instructors are all veterans of ice, road and stock car racing. The 77-acre driving campus features three tracks covered in ice and snow representing a variety of conditions. The slopes are super slippery, covered with water and have many challenges. Snow banks separate oncoming lanes to protect you when you turn or slide out of control, and you will. To further simulate actual driving conditions, Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires are paired with a range of Toyota road approved vehicles. Those looking for training in high performance vehicles should consider the McLaren Arctic experience.

The Colorado School operates seven days a week from mid-December to early March, offering five packages of varying length and intensity. The price of the safety classes ranges from $ 299 to $ 549 and the performance classes range from $ 1,185 to $ 2,995. The programs rely heavily on techniques borrowed from the world of off-road rally racing. All of them are applicable to any vehicle, even a motorhome.

Rule # 1? Look where you want to go. It sounds simple, but most students are shocked to learn that instead, they instinctively gaze at the impending doom – the tree or railing we beg not to run into – rather than heading towards an open space.

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