Wild-Eyed VisionAries Media Group Founder and CEO Tephanie Delaney Produces Web Series Titled Her-Story in the Making


The series will be launched in honor of Women’s History Month. The documentary-style web series will mark the encouraging journeys of powerful women who are building empires. These women succeeded in breaking glass ceilings; despite the obstacles encountered.

In honor of Women’s History Month, widely recognized visionary Tephanie Delaney announces the production of the web series “Her-Story in the Making”. The project is intended to be an empowerment series, where dynamic women will share their journey in building and/or rebuilding their EMPIRES!

The series is designed to promote hope in women who give up. In business, you have to reinvent yourself again and again to survive. The glitz and glamor of the outcome almost never reflects the challenges you had to overcome. The next web series is a virtual YouTube segment of 8-10 powerful women ready to share their tough journeys.

Season #1 of Her-Story in the Making, will kick off with a virtual premiere party and feature:

Monique Jackson– Celebrity publicist, brand marketing strategist, TV show creator, executive producer, author and transformational speaker with over 20 years of experience.

Nancy Korsah- CEO and Founder of Black Business Enterprises, The Black Business Ball, TMG and speaker

Alysha Price – CEO and Founder of The Price Dynamic and Dynamic Family Solutions 501(c)3 which helps young black parents co-parent effectively and creator of The DOPE TRIBE

Jacqueline Rambin – Founder of The Prestigious Professional, collaborative career coach specializing in cultural competence and justice.

Feva Daniels – Entrepreneur, Certified Cosmetology Instructor, Master Hair Stylist, Founder of the Hair Relics Brand and CEO of Jumpstart.

Briana McCall Cress – Owner of Gorgeous Looks Salon, Resilience Haircare and landowner of Earth’s Sacred Grounds Properties & Resorts

autumn dream – Miss Black California USA 2022, independent songwriter, singer and mental health advocate

Ponchitta Sasha Woo – Founder of Ponch Cosmetics, beauty enthusiast and creator of The Ponch Line podcast

In producing this series, Tephanie aims to leverage her 20+ years of business experience to serve as inspiration. “As a creative business consultant, you quickly learn how many entrepreneurs are on the verge of giving up. There are so many ups and downs in building your empire. When you add being a woman to the equation, those hurdles are nearly doubled..” said Tephanie. In her personal journey as a businesswoman, she has owned retail chains, investment properties, licensed real estate professional, business development/media consulting agency and contributes to several organizations local and national communities.

Tephanie says:Pursuing my dreams was extremely difficult. I am a single mother, domestic violence survivor, and black woman. I struggled with gender bias, sexual harassment, powerlessness and racism, but I didn’t give up. The women who join this series have seen their own challenges. They didn’t give up either and therefore Her-Story counts.”

Founder of Wild-Eyed VisionAries Consulting & Media Group, Ms. Delaney focuses primarily on serving women entrepreneurs. The agency specializes in business/brand development, media relations, creative strategies, digital portfolio management, branding and operational consulting.

Her-Story in the Making will strengthen passionate goals and ambitious women. The webisodes will air daily, starting the first and second week of April. You can watch the powerful web series on the YouTube platform.

About Tephanie Delaney

Tephanie, commonly referred to as Wild-Eyed Visionary, has been producing spaces of opportunity and empowerment since she was 19 years old. With hundreds of events under its belt including trade shows, scholarship competitions, galas, summits, concerts, plays, conventions, and more. She is the co-founder of Twin Cities Natural Hair & Beauty Expo and the driving force behind several companies. As an international business development coach, Tephanie has helped hundreds of individuals, companies, brands, entrepreneurs, celebrities, executives, events and projects unlock their greatest potential.

During the 2020 pandemic, Delaney created an online marketplace, BlackBuyBlack.com, where businesses could set up a virtual store in just 10 minutes. The idea of ​​the market was to create a timely resource, in addition to helping underserved black-owned businesses during shutdowns. Within six weeks, she had amassed over 100,000 visitors to the website and over 1,000,000 visitors in the first year. In 2021, Tephanie was inducted into the prestigious Who’s Who in America.

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