Watch Neil Peart devotee pay remarkable tribute to Late Rush hero


A devotee of the late Neil Peart has posted a remarkable tribute video to the Dash drummer with a mix of segments from every song in the band – all 175, in chronological order.

Brandon Toews compiled the 25-minute “mash-up” over a ten-week period to be his own nod to the revered musician known as The Professor, passed away in January 2020 at the age of 67. Toews recorded full takes of the entire Rush catalog and used the transcriptions available in DrumeoSONGS to learn the games, and the results attract the attention and admiration of other Rush fans.

In recording the compilation, he also paid tribute to original Rush drummer and co-founder John Rutsey, who played on the band. self-titled debut album of 1974 before leaving for health reasons. Rutsey died in 2008. Peart debuted on the fly at night 1975 album, and his final appearance on their 19th and final set, Clockwork Angelsin 2012.

Toews’ setup for the medley incorporates different elements from the drum kits Peart used during his 40 years with Rush, including the gong drum, electronic pads, and the famous tube bells he featured on tracks like ” Xanadu” and “Closer to the Heart”. as well as in their live broadcasts. He begins the film with a nod to Rush’s first non-album single released in 1973, with their version of holly buddy“Not Fade Away” and “Can’t Fight It” by , on their own Moon label.

The 1973-2012 timeline releases of Rush along with the timecodes at which they appear in the clip are as follows:

0:00 – Intro
0:05 – PRESS
1:10 – Flying at night
2:11 – Caress of steel
2:52 – 2112
3:39 – A farewell to kings
4:34 – Hemispheres
5:14 – Permanent waves
6:10 – Moving pictures
7:23 – Signals
8:49 – Grace under pressure
9:52 – Electric windows
10:58 – Hold your fire
12:07 – hop
13:34 – Roll the bones
14:49 – Counterparts
4:20 p.m. – Test for the echo
17:52 – Steam trails
19:37 – Feedback
20:31 – Serpents and arrows
22:05 – Clockwork Angels
24:23 – In memory

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