Warped’s Venture 1492 offers customer services


Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars is no stranger to making cigar brands, but now he’s adding a new side to his business: consulting and private labels. His plan is to help fledgling cigar companies improve their businesses or help newcomers who aspire to break into the business. The new subsidiary, Venture 1492, offers consulting and retail distribution services that Gellis believes will help pave the way to success.

“In the rapidly growing premium cigar market, walking through the door of tobacconists is becoming saturated,” says Gellis. “At Venture 1492, we have the ability to accelerate the process for emerging and established brands looking to grow.”

Gellis and Venture 1492 will also offer production, particularly the manufacture of house brand cigars. Gellis tells cigar lover that based on customer needs, it will develop third-party brands using its factory resources, which include facilities in Nicaragua, Miami and the Dominican Republic. Venture 1492 will also offer support such as navigating the waters of FDA regulations, tobacco sourcing, and consulting on blends “from concept to finished box.”

Since Venture 1492 is treated as a separate entity from Warped, the service-oriented company has its own website at www.venture1492.com.


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