Turns out Harry Styles is a fan of ice bathing


Traveling the world on tour may sound like pure rock ‘n’ roll, but the mental and physical toll it can take on the fittest performers is well known. Once upon a time it was all about keeping the party going after the show, but now many artists are focusing on rest and recovery, aiming to stay physically and mentally healthy for the rest of their tour dates. .

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Harry Styles, who currently plays on his love on tour dates, is an example. Displaying an image of himself with his fists clenched as he was submerged in a tub filled to the brim with icy water, the singer nodded to his post-show recovery routine. Almost tempting after the recent heat wave, soaking in an ice bath is a great way to reduce inflammation, speed up metabolism, and achieve mental clarity. Scientists have also found that the body’s stress response is reduced after being immersed in cold water (below 15°C) a few times – so it’s a brilliant wellness trick to try. introduce calm and relaxation.

While ice baths have long been used by professional athletes to recover quickly after training or competitions, in recent years they have become ultra popular with celebrities. Everyone from Lady Gaga to Gwyneth Paltrow to Liam Hemsworth to Oprah Winfrey swears by an ice bath, often drawing inspiration from techniques by Wim Hof ​​(aka “The Ice Man”), who combine work of breathing and exposure to cold, when they incorporate it into their routines.

Harry Styles is no stranger to cold water. He is known to enjoy a swim in cold water and is often captured by fans bathing in freezing locations, the last of which was Dublin’s Vico Baths in June. Meanwhile, in an interview with Better homes and gardens in April, the singer said he swam outside every day. “I feel like the people who discovered cold water swimming are so happy for you that you discovered it too,” he told reporter Lou Stoppard. “That’s the thing with a swim – it’s the one thing you’ll never regret.”


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