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US Congressman Trent Kelly (R-Ms.) spoke at the Southaven Rotary Club on Thursday about the war in Ukraine, inflation, gas prices, border security and other current events.

Kelly, who sits on the committee of the Armed Services of the House, the Agriculture Committee and the Budget Committee, said that the policies of President Biden led a record inflation, food prices and increased costs to the gas pump.

“We have a lot going on in the world, from the war in Ukraine to inflation, which is at the highest rate since Jimmy Carter was president,” Kelly said.

Kelly said inflation — which rose to 8.5% in March and is the highest in nearly four decades — has cost Americans about $3,500 in extra spending.

“We have $3,500 less in our pockets this year due to inflation. said Kelly. “So we can’t print more money. This just exacerbates and makes things worse. Some of you are old enough to remember when you went to buy a house and the interest rate was 17 percent. I hope we won’t go back.

Kelly said supply chain issues remained a problem, leading to higher food prices.

“Three months ago when I was in a grocery store, I thought I was in a Russian grocery store,” Kelly said. “They didn’t have what you wanted and it was costing you a lot of money if they had something you wanted.”

Kelly also blamed Biden’s energy policies for soaring gas prices. Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline when he took office and suspended oil and gas leasing and new drilling.

“It costs me $40 to fill up my car,” Kelly said. “Now it costs me $80. It’s a bit and really affects people on the margins. Everyone is trying to blame those for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They were over $3.50 a gallon when Russia invaded Ukraine. In President Biden’s 2021 budget, he said I’m intentionally going to inflate gas prices and the cost of production and the cost of consumption because they want to do away with fossil fuels.”

Kelly said while he’s all for green energy and a cleaner environment, pipelines have fewer reversals and are safer than trucks and ships and all other methods used to fuel mass transport volumes .

“But we are going to buy fuel from Venezuela and Iran? It doesn’t make sense,” Kelly said. “We need to get back to being energy independent. Three years ago we were a net exporter of energy. Today, before the embargo, we imported nine percent of our oil from Russia. So we financed their war in Ukraine. We have to get out of some of these dangerous policies.”

Kelly said he was not a fan of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy before the invasion, but praised his leadership and the bravery of the people of Ukraine who are fighting the Russians.

“Wow, he impressed me,” Kelly said. “He fought hard. The people fought hard. The atrocities in Mariupol are beyond belief. There is an accounting coming for Vladimir Putin. They fight hard, but the atrocities are great” .

Kelly said he does not support imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine because the United States would have to enforce it and could lead to World War III. Instead, he said the United States needed to get more anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons to help. help in this fight.

“They’re not a NATO country,” Kelly said. “I don’t think it’s smart for us to make a military commitment inside Ukraine at this time. This could change at some point in time. We have no duty or obligation to do so. But we have an obligation to provide them with the means to resist. And we did – a little slow. A lot of this should have been sent before. The Ukrainian people are strong. We will continue to provide them with weapon systems support.”

In response to a question from the audience on the border, Kelly said that Biden administration had failed to secure the border and that the imminent expiry of the Public Health Ordinance of Title 42 May further aggravated the situation . Title 42 is a long-standing public health provision that was used by then-President Donald Trump to quickly deport migrants over coronavirus concerns.

“You can’t say Covid isn’t at the border and say it’s still in airports,” Kelly said. “These things are completely opposite. We need to take control of our borders.”

More than 220,000 migrants were apprehended at the border in March, the highest number since Biden took office and the highest number in decades. Officials warn that these figures could reach up to 18,000 migrants a day during the summer months.

“It amazes me. We want to build walls around the Capitol, but we don’t want a border wall to protect our nation?” Kelly said. ignore it. It’s just gonna get worse if we keep ignoring it. We want people to come the right way. Hispanics are crazy. They did well to come here or were born here and are citizens or left and got their green card and their visa. It’s infuriating to let them people just come through.”

Kelly said securing the border is crucial to national security. US Customs and Border Patrol 23 people intercepted on a federal terrorist watch list at the southern border in 2021.

“Most people crossing the border are good people,” Kelly said. “But there are some bad ones out there and we cannot continually allow them to cross our border without consequences. I’m not mad at people crossing. I am angry that we are not doing our job at the border. I have been to the border. The men and women of Border Patrol work hard. It’s a lack of direction, not a lack of effort.


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