Tim Cahill’s XE Sports Group formed for 2023 debut


A new E extreme team will join the Championship for its third season in 2023 as XE Sport Package becomes the first operation in the series based in the Asia-Pacific region. The team is the impact sports arm of EVDirect.comwhich serves as a distributor for BYDelectric cars in Australia and New Zealand. Leadership comes through an owner company led by Luke Todd with the support of a former footballer Tim Cahill.

Cahill is perhaps best known for his eight seasons in the Premier League for Everton and his participation in the FIFA World Cup for Australia from 2006 to 2018. Considered one of the greatest players in Australian history , he was the first player to score a goal in the World Cup. for the country and has five career goals in the tournament. He retired from football in 2019 but remained in the public spotlight by investing in various businesses and being a member of the board of Belgian club KAS Eupen.

The 42-year-old is a racing enthusiast, having attended Formula 1 and MotoGP races and participated in track days. In 2017, he raced a Nissan NISMO GT-R around Bathurst’s Mount Panorama circuit with guidance from a Supercars Championship veteran. Alex Davisonwho even proclaimed that Cahill was capable of pursuing his own racing career.

“I’m really excited to be part of this team,” said Cahill. “The combination of exciting, competitive racing and lasting positive impact makes the sport totally unique. We are looking to bring a significant new audience to Extreme E among the millions of football fans around the world.

Todd has served as Managing Director and CEO of EVDirect since 2021 and was previously an advisor for BYD’s Asia-Pacific operations. His connection with BYD also extended to his founding of Nexportwhich also distributes the Chinese manufacturer’s cars in Oceania, in 2018. From 2003 to 2014, he was the general manager of Australian airport busser Carbridge and served as its CEO during his last five years with the company. In a statement, Todd commented on EVDirect’s comments. “The investment and participation in Extreme E will allow them to showcase BYD’s high-quality, affordable luxury vehicles and raise awareness in Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific region of the benefits of electric vehicle technology.”

“XE Sports Group will bring its own climate science and legacy program to Extreme E to complement the existing Extreme E program with XE Sports Group to deploy an Asia-Pacific Foundation with a mission to alleviate poverty and raise the level of life through the adaptation of technology, such as the deployment of second-life lithium batteries combined with solar capture in remote or impoverished locations,” continues the director.

“Competitively, we join Extreme E to race and win. We will deliver a world-class racing package and look forward to lining up against drivers like X44, Rosberg X Racingand JBXE teams as well as the rest of the top-notch platoon. Aussies are renowned for their outstanding performance in sport, and we aim for nothing less in Extreme E. We run for the planet and run to win.

Assuming there are no changes from the 2022 grid, the arrival of XE Sports Group will make eleven teams for the 2023 season. XESG is the second team to join the championship after McLaren XE in 2022.


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