Thousands of football fans against the roll filled with pie, peas and club sauce


THOUSANDS of football fans have voted against a club’s decision to serve buns filled with a pie, peas and gravy.

Although rarely united on other issues, whether it’s video-assisted refereeing or what constitutes a red card, the majority of footy fans were against the snack.

Rochdale AFC served the dodgy dish, dubbed a Wigan Kebab, for £4 at the Crown Oil Arena in Greater Manchester.

Wigan Kebab is a pie in a roll with sauce. 1 credit

The creation consists of a plain bun, with a pie placed in the middle, covered with mashed peas and sauce.

The Footy Scran Twitter account, which shows the best and worst of the food found at various football stadiums, shared a photo of a fan’s order on its page on Saturday.

They wrote: “Wigan Kebab – pies, peas and gravy roll in Rochdale. £4.”

Over 27,000 votes were cast and in the end the Wigan Kebab was declared ‘No Scran’ by a margin of 66% to 34%.

The poll was overwhelmingly in favor of saying No Scran
The Wigan Kebab was voted No Scran. 1 credit

The post drew hundreds of comments from social media users who were mixed in their reaction to the soggy pie roll.

Tom Dyke said: “Outrageous, must be scran.”

Tom Kelly said: “66% no scran, y’all need to get over it. I bet the majority of that 66% enjoy Rustlers burgers.

Daniel Stevanato said, “Soft peas don’t scran. Send them back and it’s definitely a screen.

Earl Barretts Muzzy said, “Only southerners would say no.”

Matt Dyke said, “Status of that vote.”

Chris Ingwer-Fuchs said, “It’s a pie sandwich with a decent bit of moisture on it. How come there is no 67% screen? »

Rochdale drew 0-0 with Barrow on Saturday as they managed to avoid a third consecutive defeat as they continue their battle to remain in the Football League.


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