The stampede of devotees in Balalayam swells | Hyderabad News


Hyderabad: With the renovated Yadadri temple set to reopen in March 2022, Balalayam, a makeshift temple where daily rituals and special pujas are performed, is overrun with thousands of worshipers, mostly on weekends.
With news of the architectural wonder of the magnificent temple complex going viral on social media and other platforms, the number of Balalayam devotees has grown from 5,000 per day to 30,000 now. Confirming this, officials from the Yadagirigutta Temple Development Authority said the rush of worshipers is high during the weekends. “Many of them visit Balalayam to soak up the religious splendor and spectacular workmanship of the temple complex,” an official said.
Officials said work on the main road leading to the temple complex, the roads connecting the cabins and other buildings and lawns had been completed. “Once the main temple is open to worshipers, we expect the number of pilgrims to increase dramatically. Considering the rush of pilgrims, we are rushing to finish all the civil works, ”said an official from YTDA. A new TSRTC bus complex in the descent area will be completed by March. Accommodation and other facilities will be available online, officials said.
The state government plans to undertake gold plating work on the 47-foot-high main gopuram on the Ananda Nilayam lines in the Tirumala shrine. With CM K Chandrasekhar Rao himself donating one kg of gold to the temple and appealing to people to donate gold, MPs, ministers, MPs and industrialists began to donate. gold. Nearly 150 kg will be needed for the gold plating work, officials said. The silver plating work at the temple complex has already started and is nearing completion.
With news of the temple complex’s architectural wonder going viral on social media, the number of Balalayam worshipers has grown from 5,000 per day to 30,000 now



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