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ROCKLAND — A group is forming to build a new skatepark in Rockland.

PJ Mara, a spokesperson for the group, said there was considerable interest in the community.

A Facebook page was created with 108 members. An online petition with 637 signatures is available at A link is on the Rockland Skatepark Facebook page.

“We are a grassroots community advocating for the rebuilding of Rockland, Maine Skatepark. We believe that a public place for people who skateboard, BMX, scooter and rollerblade will create real positive change for our city,” the petition begins.

Public Zoom meetings are scheduled to take place in April and the dates and times of these meetings will be posted on the Facebook page. During these meetings, Mara said that everything would be discussed from “A to Z”.

Mara, who lives in North Haven, said he was passionate about skateboarding and passionate about the issue.

Mara said the goal was to have a fully functional concrete park rather than a wooden one. The concrete will stand the test of time, he said.

He contacted an organization that will offer up to $10,000 once a comprehensive plan has been developed. Donations will be sought for the park.

The group is looking for a new location in Rockland.

The closest park similar to what is planned is in Augusta and Portland, Mara said.

The city removed the old skatepark that was located in late 2020 on the grounds of Oceanside High School due to its deteriorated condition.
The old park was built in 2002 after four years of planning and fundraising by students and community groups in Rockland. MBNA was the biggest benefactor of the project, donating $200,000 for its construction. The Rockland Kiwanis was also a project sponsor.

The park was one of the most heavily used recreational facilities when it started.

In 2016, the city carried out extensive repairs after the park fell into disrepair.

This is a design on the page for The Rockland Skatepark.

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