The club where Dimebag Darrell was killed has been demolished


Alrosa Villa nightclub, the concert hall in Columbus, Ohio, where “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott was murdered, has been demolished.

For more than 45 years, the place has hosted a wide range of musical acts. Foghat, the Guess Who, Dream Theater, Night Ranger, Dio, Slipknot, Quiet Riot, Ratt and David Byrne were among the long list of rockers to grace his stage. However, Villa Alrosa will be remembered for the tragedy that took place on the night of December 8, 2004.

That evening, Damageplan, the band Dimebag Darrell and his brother Vinnie Paul formed following the breakup of Pantera, was headlining. Moments after their set, a former US Navy stormed the stage and opened fire. Abbott, the group’s security chief, a site worker and a fan who attempted to give Dimebag CPR were all killed in the chaos. The shooter, Nathan Gale, was eventually shot dead by police officer James Niggemeyer.

Paul later sued Villa Alrosa, claiming the tragedy would have been avoided had security at the site prevented Gale from entering. The lawsuit was settled out of court in 2007.

Despite being the site of one of the most horrific events in metal, Villa Alrosa continued to operate for many years. The club announced in June that it had closed its doors for good.

“We have seen stars born here, unfortunately stars have died here, but the only thing that can never be taken away from us are the amazing memories we all made along the way with magical people at the inside this magical place ”, we read in a message posted on the site Facebook page. “Personally, I don’t like the way the media has always chosen to portray the place when they talk about it because they have always chosen to drag it around with negativity because of the unfortunate death of Dimebag Darrell … But this shouldn’t be what defines Alrosa as a place of music. They have given so many people so many amazing opportunities over the years and we are happy to say that many of the best musicians in the country have made their debut right here on this scene.

Fan images of the demolition can be seen below. The site where Villa Alrosa once stood will soon be home to a 180-unit affordable housing apartment complex.

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