Temple staff gives Rs. 2.91 lakh cash to devotee with prasadam


CCTV footage reveals an error; The devotee should return the money to the Male Mahadeshwara temple

Hanur: A visiting devotee Male Mahadeshwara Temple in Chamarajanagar district received an “abundant blessing” from the Lord as he received a bag containing Rs. 2.91 lakh in cash along with the laddu prasadam bag.

The problem here, however, is that instead of the Lord, it was the Temple staff member who inadvertently handed over the money. The devotee must now return the money as the temple management has taken steps to recover the money from the temple staff who have been negligent.

Due to Amavasya yesterday, a large number of devotees gathered at Male Mahadeshwara Hill temple at Hanur taluk to have darshan of revered Lord Madappa. Nagabhushan, a Temple employee who was on duty at the Rs. 500 special darshan counter, accidentally handed a bag with Rs. 2.91 lakh in cash along with laddu Prasadam to a devotee who came in the queue.

The money bag was kept near the prasadam bags by one of the temple attendants and Nagabhushan did not check the bag before handing it over to the devotee. Even the devotee did not check the bag and assumed it was a laddu prasadam bag and left the place.

However, in the afternoon, while checking the accounts and cash receipts, Nagabhushan realized that the bag of money had disappeared. He immediately informed Temple officials. When the CCTV camera footage was checked, it was found that Nagabhushan had given the prasadam and the money bag.

According to sources, the temple authorities ordered Nagabhushan to deposit the loss of Rs. 2.91 lakh to the temple board. Without further recourse, he deposited the money in the Temple.

Basavaraju, deputy secretary of the Male Mahadeshwara Temple Development Authority, told reporters that the devotee has been identified and his relatives have been contacted by phone. “The devotee assured us that he would return the money in a day or two. Once the money reaches us, we will return it to the Temple staff member who had to disburse the lost money,” a- he declared.


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