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About her

His full name is Teju Ashwini. She was born on May 14, 1995. She was born in the metropolitan city of Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, in the south of the Indian peninsula. By her profession and occupation, she is a very famous film actress, model and also a dancer in the film industry and Tamil cinema. During the early years of her career, she played small roles and then gradually moved to larger roles as she gained experience in this industry.

Real name Teju ashwini
Full Name Teju
Job Actress, model and dancer
Famous Blacksheep web and Kalyana Samayal Saadham
Zodiac sign Leo
Nationality Indian


According to her age, she is 27 years old in January 2022 because she was born on May 14, 1995. When she was young, she did so. School education from the girls’ school located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Then she went to study at a higher level than Stella College again to Chennai Tamil Nadu from where she graduated.

She started her career in filmmaking in Tamil Nadu and in the Tamil industry, doing very small roles in web series, short films, documentaries and commercials. To learn more about Teju Ashwini, keep reading.

What is his size ?

The height of Teju ashwini is about 5’4 “, or about 1.6 meters or 165 cm. She is in the middle age range of women in India.

What is his weight?

Teju Ashwini is in the 55 to 60 kg weight category which is good for his height and for our health. This 55-60 kg weight class is in great demand by the Indian film industry.

How can fans find her on the handles of social media?

As we know, Teju Ashwini, Tamil actress and model fans can find her on social media platforms when it’s Twitter and the other on Instagram.

On Twitter, his profile is called Teju Ashwini nine. She joined this account on Twitter in March 2021. Her Twitter profile reads as an actress / dancer, owner of independent artist Dance Academy. She follows 13 people on Twitter. She is followed by 10,500 followers on Twitter. So far, she only has 53 tweets in total. We can see that she is not very active on the Twitter platform. His Twitter ID also does not have an official account verified with a bluetick, so the accuracy that it is his own account is still invalid.

On Instagram, the profile is called Teju_Ashwini. She has a total of 643 positions. On their Instagram account, she follows 675 people from January 2022. It is followed by 615,000 subscribers on his Instagram account. She is very active on her Instagram profile and the category with which her page is made is under the artist’s banner.

She misses uploading photos and videos of our personal and professional life. Fans can also find many videos of her dancing on her Instagram social media account. Her internet Instagram account is verified with a bluetick that reflects that she is a very big superstar in the Tamil film industry.

Social media links

Instagram – TejuAshwini

Twitter- TejuAshwini

What can we say about her about the Personality?

Teju Ashwini a a personality in which she appears to be very accommodating and competent. She creates different types of excitement and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Teju Ashwini is very moderate and generous when she spends money. She is adored by many because of her personality type. Teju Ashwini is indeed very well organized and she has full control over the things around us and the things normal people cannot handle. She also enjoys helping others. She is faithful, she loves, she takes care of her. She is very sensitive to other people’s problems and tries to solve them in a limited time.

She is a lion woman and no matter how much she achieves the best of her life, no matter what people see behind her. She is enthusiastic and determined to do the things she wants in her life. She is very creative and generous. She is dynamic, loyal and romantic about the decisions she makes in her life. She is confident and charismatic.

Is she very secretive about her family?

His personal life and his family life is not known correctly by people because these are things she doesn’t like to share in the public domain.

We don’t know what her father’s name is, neither do you know what her mother’s name is and we also make sure that she has a sibling in the form of a brother or sister. a sister. We will try to update the information as soon as we have it. When it comes to her relationship status, she is single according to numerous reports on social media and the boyfriend’s name is also not actually known.


Favorite actress Little information available
Favorite actor Shah Rukh Khan
Favorite sports Soccer
Favorite sports person Little information available
Favorite food Paneer masala

Way of life

Does she drink Little information available
Does she cook Little information available
Does she socialize Yes, with his friends and family
Does she exercise Yes she does it like she is an actress
Does she eat junk food No, because she’s a model

What are the 10 amazing facts about it?

  • She is very famous state actress Tamil Nadu and she is loud by your fans
  • She is very famous for the web series of the name Black sheep
  • She has a great love for animals and according to many media reports she has many pets in our house
  • She is well educated and graduated from a very well known college
  • She has appeared in many films
  • His source of income is fair not limited to acting but also extends to dance on YouTube
  • She is currently single and very single and the fans are trying to find out more about her but they can’t
  • She struggled a lot when she started her career, but then things got in line
  • She has reflected several times in the media that her parents are very proud of her but we do not know who the parents are
  • Little is known about her love story and love stories but we will surely find it

What is his net worth?

Based on the various estimates and research we have done, we have come to the conclusion that his net worth is in the range of US $ 2 million to US $ 3 million.

This is estimated to be around Rs 21,000,000,000 in India.

These estimates are not official and therefore we cannot confirm exactly if they are correct.

FAQ section?

Who is Teju?

Teju is an Indian film actress in Tamil film, has worked on many web series and is very famous

How many films are made by Teju?

She has worked on many web series and more Tamil movies, one famous web series is Black Sheep.

Is she married or not?

No she is single

What is her total net worth from her?

US $ 2 million, to US $ 2 million

How old is Teju?

As she was born in 1995 hence her current age in January 2022 is 27

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