Tampa Bay celebrates Super Bowl LV victory with cigars


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Lombardi Trophy last night in Cigar City as Tom Brady solidified his legacy with a seventh Super Bowl victory. To celebrate, the team threw well-deserved victory cigars in typical Tampa Bay fashion. And of course, I popped some champagne to go with it.

Among the cigars at the Victory Day were JC Newman Cigar Co.’s own Tampa Diamond Crown No. 1 Defensive end William Ghoulston was seen smoking a 2021 Davidoff Tampa Exclusive Edition sent by the Davidoff store in Tampa, which is owned and operated by Corona Cigar Co.

Ahead of the game, CBS Sports introduced viewers to the long history of Tampa Bay cigars as JC Newman’s Eric Newman taught reporter Sherree Buruss how to hand-roll a cigar. The network even entered the historic El Reloj factory with Bills legend Doug Flutie and supported other cigar events with David Ortiz and Marshall Faulk.

“It’s important for Tampa,” said Carlos Fuente Jr., Cigars Manager Arturo Fuente, who released this Buccaneers Fuente Fuente OpusX special edition box for the win.

There is only one way to properly celebrate a triumphant day on the grill and that is with cigars. For years, athletes have lit themselves up to crown seasons of greatness, the cigar being a trophy in itself. Here are some more examples of athletes celebrating with good cigarettes.

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