Take Flight: Grand Island Group Raises Funds for Rasmussen-Inspired Sculpture | Local news from the Big Island


Fundraising is well underway, with Anderson stating that approximately $ 440,000 has been raised. Anderson hopes the project can be completed for less than the sticker price of $ 600,000, thanks to the generosity of the community. “We have $ 77,000 that has been allocated for electricity, but the guy is only going to charge us 25 (one thousand dollars),” Anderson said.

The original plan was to have groundbreaking work this fall. The pandemic has put a damper on that effort, limiting fundraising efforts and making resources hard to find, Bartenbach said. “The pandemic has put a lot of plans on its ear this year, but people are starting to come out of the pandemic closet. I hope this will help you.

When asked what they most expected from Densel’s dream, Bartenbach and Anderson don’t say the inauguration, or even the unveiling of the project. They look deeper into the future of Grand Island, hoping for a domino effect of public art in the community.

Anderson said he was delighted “to have done it and then move on to the next project, so that we can continue this thing, roll the snowball.”

Bartenbach said: “I think once we do something like that it will attract more people to us and projects like this. They just have to see it.

A century from now, Anderson said he had hope for Densel’s Dream himself. “It’s a beautiful tribute to a great man who has made great progress. A hundred years from now, no one might know who Denzel is, but at least they’ll know the 50-foot-wide, 14-and-a-half-high, and nine-foot-deep sculpture that sits in the western part of town.

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