Swindon Town ranks in top 10 most investable club in British football


WHEN Clem Morfuni bought Swindon Town in the summer of 2021, he did so not only because he is a fan of the club and wanted to see it run smoothly and safely, but also because of the huge potential it holds – to both financially and physically.

According to extensive research by BetVictor – in conjunction with football finance expert Dr Rob Wilson – Swindon of Morfuni is currently the ninth most invested football club in the UK.

More than 100 UK clubs were put under the microscope, with comprehensive data collected on every team as part of the study.

The research considered everything from current infrastructure and stadium usage to digital presence and financial health to identify which teams are the best candidates for expansion and show buyers potential where the greatest investment opportunities lie.

Scottish Championship sides Arbroath and Ayr United are the two most investable British clubs, while Swindon’s close neighbors Cheltenham Town came third on the list ahead of Crawley Town and Grimsby Town.

Stevenage, Carlisle United and Exeter City moved ahead of Swindon, and Scottish Premiership side Livingston completed the top 10.

Rankings are calculated based on growth opportunities in each area. This was determined using a weighted scoring model that combined multiple factors into a single score.

Digital footprint examines a club’s digital presence on social media and search engines. The score takes into account each club’s presence in different international markets, as well as the desirability and profitability of being in those territories.

Each team’s infrastructure was also analysed, taking into account the condition of the stadium, training facilities, youth facilities, youth recruitment, company facilities and transport links.

According to the research, improving youth training facilities was identified as the key area where Swindon’s infrastructure would benefit most from investment.

The city has already said they are aiming to improve their academy while plans are well advanced in terms of renovate and rebuild parts of the County Ground.

Stadium usage was another factor analyzed – researchers looked at a team’s stadium usage by assessing attendance levels, ticket sales and ticket revenue.

BetVictor claims that Swindon has plenty of room for growth when it comes to stadium usage, which means a high return on investment in this category if scaled up successfully.

The final aspect of the research focused on the financial health of each club, assessing revenue, net assets, net profit, salary turnover rate, and more.

The city ranked 41st for digital footprint, 21st for infrastructure, 28th for usage and ninth for finance, seeing them at a total of 68 out of 100.


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