Suning must sell Inter for club sake, Italian media say


Suning’s ownership in Inter is no longer tenable and the Chinese company should sell its stake in the club rather than continue to put him in financial trouble.

This according to today’s print edition of the Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, which argues that the current owners are unable to manage the Nerazzurri in a sustainable manner and would do well to find a buyer better suited to the needs of the club. economic needs.

Inter are currently operating with a monthly loss of around € 10m, while the proceeds from the large sales of Achraf Hakimi and Romelu Lukaku are somewhat held back by the fact that part of the payments received for the two players is still due to their respective former clubs. Real Madrid and Manchester United.

The two big sales were aimed at bringing financial stability to the club in dire straits, and they did a lot to balance the books on a current basis, but the lingering problems Suning faced suggests that the underlying issues will not go away. time soon.

For this reason, the Corriere postulates that the best option would be for the current owners to find a buyer who can support the club with cash contributions rather than having to rely on painful sales like Lukaku and Hakimi’s every summer just to keep the club going. club. above water.

InterSpac’s fan shareholding initiative remains in the background although it is unclear how the shares would pass into the hands of minority shareholders without becoming a problem for the club’s structural economic balance.

For the Corriere, the best option would be for Suning to seek out a buyer capable of investing the liquidity the club needs over the long term, but this would require the cooperation of the American fund Oaktree Capital which has granted a large loan to Suning to stabilize their position. owned by the club, and LionRock, who currently own a 32% stake in the club.


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