Stranger Things 4 Art Recreates The Breakfast Club And The Goonies Posters


Stranger Things season 4 fan art reimagines the popular Netflix show in the style of The Goonies and The Breakfast Club theatrical posters.

stranger things Season 4 fan art reimagines the popular Netflix show in the style of The Goonies and The breakfast clubTheatrical posters. Since its premiere on Netflix in 2016, stranger things has long paid homage to 1980s popular culture, combining elements of coming-of-age dramas, science fiction, and horror films from that decade. The early seasons contained overt references to iconic titles like star wars, ghost hunters, Extraterrestrial, AND the alien, Gremlinsand much more.

As the main protagonists of the series have aged, stranger things ditched some of its Amblin-like qualities in favor of a horror vibe. The Duffer brothers specifically cited A Nightmare on Elm Street as inspiration for the final season, and once audiences laid eyes on Vecna, the connection became unmistakable. To make this connection even stronger, Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund appeared in stranger things season 4 as Victor Creel, Vecna’s father. Although it leans more into horror movie territory, stranger things remains a love letter to the 1980s in terms of overall aesthetic.


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Now, a piece of stranger things Season 4 fan art reimagines the popular Netflix show in the style of two popular 1985 movies: The Goonies and The breakfast club. Shared by digital artist zascanauta on Instagram, the images show the theatrical posters of the two films reimagined with characters from stranger things. Check out the fan posters below:

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Since its creation, stranger things always seemed like a modern version of Richard Donner The Goonies, which sees a motley group of children band together and embark on an exciting adventure in order to achieve a common goal. stranger things has a long history of incorporating actors from the properties that inspire it, and Sean Astin, who played Mikey in The Gooniesplayed a leading role in stranger things season 2 as Bob, Joyce’s boyfriend. Drew Struzan is the artist behind The Goonies poster that this fan art is based on, and while the original art is iconic, it’s fun to see fan art that crosses the two similar properties.

stranger things season 4 sees Eleven and other characters in high school, so John Hughes The breakfast club was an obvious inspiration. But since the main characters are leaving for spring break soon, it doesn’t linger very long in its high school setting. the original breakfast club The poster was photographed by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, which has become one of the most parodied movie posters of all time. Now that stranger things Season 4 is streaming on Netflix in its entirety, audiences can experience all of the show’s latest 80s references in all their glory.

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Source: zascanauta/Instagram

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