STG acquires Room101 cigar brand


Corporate giant Scandinavian Tobacco Group has purchased boutique brand Room101 Cigars, and former brand owner Matt Booth is also joining. Booth agreed to join STG as creative director.

The deal is limited to Room101 cigars and accessories, but does not include any of Booth’s other Room101 entities, such as its jewelry lines. Terms of the agreement are not disclosed. The transaction was finalized on June 10.

Room101 founder Matt Booth will now serve as creative director for Scandinavian Tobacco Group (Photo/Dave Lauridsen).

Room101 cigars have been sold since 2009, and the smokes have always been unorthodox and somewhat alternative in their packaging and presentation, especially compared to the more traditional heritage brands in STG’s portfolio, which include Macanudo and non-Cuban versions of Partagas. , Cohiba and Punch.

So why would a company like STG want such a non-traditional brand as Room101? “Our acquisition of Room101 Cigars is a strategic move for STG and Matt Booth, and reinforces our collective drive to disrupt the category,” said STG’s Regis Broersma. “Matt is a creative force and we admired his ability to surprise and delight the market. On top of that, the Room101 cigar portfolio represents a blue ocean of blends and taste profiles that we haven’t played in. Broersma also highlighted what he sees as the brand’s strong growth potential, as well as Booth’s creativity.

Room101 Stuffing]

As to why a creative freelancer like Booth would want to become a business, Booth offers this: “During my 13 years in this industry, I have fought hard to further Room101’s position in the market and now it is time to as a brand to rise. to the next level… I am extremely pleased to be part of a company that is willing to invest in creative integrity and bold innovation. This partnership will allow Room101 Cigars to expand and to become the first truly global artisanal brand in the category.

This isn’t the first time Booth has been involved with a major cigar company. The Swiss company Davidoff of Geneva distributed the Room101 brand from 2009 to 2017. After Booth and Davidoff separated, Booth returned the same year with a few new brands created in collaboration with Caldwell Cigar Co. Since then Booth has operated with a total creative freedom.

Room101 Doomsayer

Quirky brands like the Room101 Doomsayer featured here add an alternative element to Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s extensive handmade cigar portfolio.

Although STG will not be attending the next PCA show, Booth recounts cigar lover that he and Room101 will be there, displaying new items such as Room101’s 13th Anniversary and The Big Payback Nicaragua.

All Room101 brands are now distributed by Forged Cigar Co., a subsidiary of STG which manages craft brands such as Diesel, La Gloria Cubana and Bolivar Cofradia.


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