buys $100m stake in Barca Studios as club ramp up Web3 and blockchain strategies


Aug. 2 – FC Barcelona has sold a 24.5% stake in Barca Studios, the club’s distribution and digital content hub, for $100 million to blockchain technology provider, which owns the platform Fan Token and NFT. will become a strategic partner of Barcelona and work directly on Barcelona blockchain, NFT and digital assets and Web3 strategies.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of and Chiliz said: Barca Studios can now leverage our technology, expertise and global reach to help deploy the club’s Web3 content strategy and provide new, long-term revenue streams that will benefit the club for seasons to come. .

Barça Studios leads the club’s creation of NFTs and metaverse projects, as well as the club’s digital strategy with regards to engaging and digitally building its global fan base.

“As part of the strategic partnership, and Barca Studios will develop projects that will attract the most innovative blockchain and Web3 partners to create new features in the FC Barcelona ecosystem,” said. and Barcelona have been working together since February 2020. Over $39 million worth of $BAR Fan Tokens have been sold, allowing fans to redeem rewards including VIP tickets, merchandise and unique experiences.

“The $BAR Fan Token will be the key to unlocking and creating a new spectrum of opportunities that extend beyond the app and into new immersive digital ecosystems powered by Chiliz technology that and BarcaStudios will build in tandem,” said. said the $BAR Fan Token is essential for unlocking new opportunities that extend beyond the app and into new digital ecosystems powered by Chiliz technology such as and Barça Studios. will build in tandem. Both partners will develop projects using the latest blockchain innovation as well as developing Web3 partners to create new features in the FC Barcelona ecosystem. is increasingly focusing on “usefulness” in its fan tokens – essentially the rewards and experiences that connect fans to the club. Barca say they have a digital audience of 400 million fans. Barca Studios will have access to’s blockchain technology which will create scale in international markets and generate new revenue streams.

Blockchain technology can provide fans with a role and membership in their communities that cannot be removed or revoked, or spent or expire,” Dreyfus said.

“Additionally, the application of blockchain technology can take the fan experience far beyond an app-based engagement and reward structure and provide utility and connectivity across the metaverse, providing a way to connect an unlimited number of web3 projects.”

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