Shubh Laabh Aapkey Ghar Mein Review: A Devotional Tale of a Devotee and His Divine, But Nothing New to Offer


The story of a deeply devoted devotee of Goddess Lakshmi and how life circumstances make and break her faith in her divine, is basically what makes the first episode of Sony’s latest production Sab Shubh Laabh.

Savita Toshniwal aka Geetanjali Tikekar is strictly against her husband and family’s plan to sell Sukh Sagar, their ancestral candy store. She strongly disapproves of the idea and decides to oppose everyone and prove it to them by making the shop thrive on her own. Savita and her assistant are desperately waiting for the goddess Lakshmi to perform a miracle and help push their store to success. They are in shock when instead of thriving, the store is about to be demolished by the municipality for illegal expansion.

Savita begs the officers not to tear down and give them time to correct their mistakes. Meanwhile, at home, Savita’s husband is furious with his eldest son for getting involved in scams and frauds simply out of greed. He is also disappointed that his youngest son is lazy and has not contributed to the betterment of the family. Savita returns home and is shocked to learn what her sons are doing. They are unable to believe that their son-in-law is involved in affairs with other women and is cheating on their daughter. Savita’s husband blames her for the poor condition of the family.

A furious Savita, late at night, visits the temple of the goddess Lakshmi and asks the divine to prove her existence. A disappointed Savita is absolutely upset when she receives no response or indication from her divine. She storms out of the temple and writes on a chalkboard how no wish is granted in the temple of the goddess Lakshmi. She is about to leave when the plank falls and the goddess Lakshmi herself disguised as a married woman comes to help Savita lift the plank.

The story is based on Ratlam and offers nothing exceptionally new in the first episode. Bollywood and Hindi TV were once great presenters of mass devotional shows, especially during the 80s or 90s era. Many thanks to Geetanjali Tikekar for his beautiful portrayal of an emotional housewife and innocent ready to run her family business with her dedication and complete trust in her goddess Lakshmi.

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