Shrimpers Trust condemns Ron Martin’s actions and vows to fight for the club’s future


The Blues are currently in the relegation zone of the National League after suffering four successive defeats.

But, in a strongly worded statement, the group of supporters denounced the club’s current situation and the president’s actions under the late Ron Martin.

The statement said, “When is enough, enough?” For some people it was many years ago, for some groups it was our elimination from the Football League, for some it is now!

“We are not going to allow OUR club to be destroyed and sit back and watch its seemingly inevitable relegation to the South Conference or worse yet, our complete extinction.”

The Blues suffered two successive relegations and continued to fight this time around, much to the chagrin of the Trust.

“The performances on the pitch have been just embarrassing lately, but it’s not unique to this season, this group of players or this management team,” the statement added.

“There is clearly a deeply rooted problem in OUR club that cannot be ignored.

“Maybe the board should also take some responsibility for letting the stadium fiasco go on for so long.

“Will Ron’s stadium and pot of gold ever materialize or are we led down the garden path?” ”

And the Trust believes urgent action is needed.

“It looks like Ron Martin is the head of OUR club whether we like it or not, but it is also evident that he is unable to get us out of this situation with the current structure of the football club,” said the statement, “We don’t believe Ron Martin has got us where we are now intentionally, but we are here and urgent action is needed.

Fans made their feelings clear in Saturday’s 2-0 loss at Solihull Moors.

But the Trust condemned Martin’s decision to head out and confront fans who were screaming at him to leave the club.

“We strongly condemn the actions of Ron Martin at Solihull Moors yesterday,” the statement said.

“They were misguided and dangerous in a very hostile environment, and we are grateful that our incredible support was prevented from escalating the situation into violence.

“The actions taken by Mr. Martin continued to tarnish our image as a football club and we were frankly embarrassed.”

And the Trust now thinks that the fun side is no longer a priority for Martin.

“It seems to us that Ron Martin has focused on the new stadium to the detriment of everything else and that has to change or there won’t be a club to be in a new pitch,” the statement said.

“He must also follow through on his promises in the last zoom call that he pledged to respond quickly to ideas to give the club tangible security on the new pitch, but to date we have not received any response despite his pursuit. ”

The statement that can be read in full here also confirmed that the Trust will hold another monthly board meeting tomorrow where an action plan will be discussed.

And they remain keen to unite all the supporters.

“We are accountable to YOU ​​and appreciate your thoughts and contributions, they are wanted and needed,” the statement added.

“In this time of desperation and need, we must have an absolutely united fan base and we will work closely with other fan groups to ensure that this is achieved.”


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