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The Shaun Cassidy Fan Club’s first show of the season took place on September 9 at 8 p.m. in the Marano Campus Center auditorium. SCFC is SUNY Oswego’s “free and uncensored improv comedy” troupe now in its 32nd year.

The club played for 14 guests who, upon entering, were asked to place a slip of paper with their favorite quote from a movie, TV show or book in a headset. The performers used these slips for a game during the show, in which two characters must only use the words of the quotes when communicating with a puzzled third character. It’s one of the many absurd games that the club is proud of.

The night included various skits that, out of context, could seem manic. At one point in the series, three actors had to play one-legged lawyers with Kentucky accents, arguing over the “Winnie the Pooh vs. Hundred Acre Wood Animals” case.

Member Charlie Harkins had been doing improv comedy since high school and discovered the SCFC through their pandemic live streams.

“I looked at some [the livestreams] and then I’m like, ‘Okay, I should join this when I get there,'” Harkins said. One of his favorite shows is “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, an obvious influence on the club’s comedy style.

The club plans to post full recordings of the shows on a YouTube channel for publicity purposes. Member and videographer Jack Gembala would usually film the show with his phone while offstage, but due to a small number of members in attendance, the club resorted to placing a camera in the audience which filmed the show. transmission in its entirety without an operator.

Member Tom Ehrhard is optimistic about the club’s future. “Our first comeback show, it’s going to be a little rusty,” he said. “But through practices and shows, it will get better over time. Our next show will probably be better.

Participation matters a lot to the club, because improv comedy depends on an enthusiastic and responsive audience. “In a perfect world, we would fill this place every night,” Gembala said.

“It wasn’t a field of field mice, it was a field of elementary school students,” one performer told a shocked but humorous crowd.

“A quiet audience really means a quiet show,” Ehrhard noted.

The SCFC runs an Instagram account and a Discord page where they post regular club news and updates. A trademark of the club’s Instagram are virtual posters for each Saturday show, with intentionally sticky graphics and a weekly theme. The September 9 show was titled “Back 2 Skool” with three members posing with backpacks; a member’s shirt is humorously “censored for copyright infringement”.

Tim Mollen, a Binghamton-based columnist and Oswego alum, founded the SCFC in 1990. In his column, Mollen said he chose the name for its “guaranteed, pure kitsch” is? assess.”

Posters throughout campus promote club screenings, with a regular Saturday meeting hour at 8 p.m. in the Marano Campus Center auditorium. Practices are held every Sunday at 6 p.m. at MCC 220.


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