Selling Sunset: All The Oppenheim Group Agents Not On The Netflix Hit


Netflix’s Selling Sunset has been entertaining viewers since 2019 as it offered a glimpse into the drama-filled real estate company Oppenheim Group. The show recently launched its fifth series and even featured a Welsh star in the mix and now we’re digging deeper into what the band members don’t feature on the show.

News first broke that other members were part of the Oppenheim Group when Cassidy Hiepler did a tell-all TikTok last year, citing what a day in the life of the company looked like. In one clip, Cassidy goes on house tours and was even shown hanging out in the office of the Oppenheim Group which is featured on the show.

Following the reveal, fans can’t wait to find out the identities of the other Oppenheim band members. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Graham Stephan

Although he appears in a few cameos, Graham is not considered one of the main cast members of Selling Sunset. According to the band’s website, Graham grew up in Santa Monica and got his real estate license shortly after his 18th birthday. Graham is a “car enthusiast” and can often be found driving through the canyons of Malibu on weekend mornings.

Kate Gallivan

According to his page on the company’s website, “attention to detail, effective communication and a positive attitude are [Kate’s] recipe for success. Although she’s not featured in Selling Sunset, that doesn’t mean she’s shunning the spotlight. She featured in the latest series of The Bachelor!

Omar Abaza

Little information is available on Omar, despite the fact that he is multilingual. He is fluent in English, French and Arabic. He did, however, recently attend Coachella. Check out his message from the event below:

Romi Moullion

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Romi earned a business degree from UC Berkeley and has been in Los Angeles since 2013. She has always been dedicated to causes focused on the welfare of children and is actively involved with Unicef ​​Next Generation (NextGen) Los Angeles. Romi resides in the Hollywood Hills with her husband and son.

Pierre Cornell

According to the Oppenheim Group website, Peter was a former professional athlete and NBA player agent. The firm describes its “fresh and effective multifaceted approach to marketing, negotiation and closing”. While he doesn’t appear directly on Selling Sunset, that doesn’t mean he’s not involved in the drama — he’s previously dated Christine and Emma.

Alice Kowan

According to her Oppenheim Group profile, a Swinburne University graduate, Alice “believes that travel and culture broaden the mind and that good food and wine fuel the body. Both should always be done in good company. .”

Brian Furstenfeld

Brian Furstenfeld has over 25 years of real estate experience and has been actively involved in family projects and numerous real estate transactions on behalf of clients and investors. According to the Oppenheim Group website, Brian’s specialty is selling high-end homes and finding off-market opportunities for buyers.
in coastal Orange County.

Kayla Cardon

Oppenheim says Kayla Cardona provides strategic marketing and transaction management services to her clients. When not with a client, you’ll find Kayla boxing, hiking, jogging on the beach, reading or spending quality time with her son, family and friends.

Nicole Young

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Nicole is also not featured in Selling Sunset. In addition to her work with the Oppenheim Group, Nicole is an avid beach volleyball player and succulent gardener. She lives with her husband and their two dogs, a Brussels griffon and a French bulldog. She recently celebrated her fifth birthday with her husband on Instagram

Shawden Saltani

According to the Oppenheim Group website, Shawden worked at Kosmont Companies, a Manhattan Beach-based economic development and real estate consulting firm that serves the needs of cities, counties, private businesses and developers across California. In 2022, she is making the transition to the world of luxury residential real estate.

Christine Quinn stars in season 5 of Selling Sunset

With Selling Sunset continuing to prove popular among viewers, just because these bundles aren’t in the show doesn’t mean they won’t appear in the future… Who would you like to see in Series 6?


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