Salem residents use social media group to spread Christmas cheer and map the area’s most decorated homes


SALEM, Virginia – Want to get into the holiday spirit? Two residents of Salem are there to help.

Salem resident Janet Chaney created a Facebook group, “Neighborhood Christmas Light Displays of Salem & Roanoke Area” to spread the joy of Christmas in the form of decorations. She helps people find the brightest and most decorated homes in the area.

“I started the Facebook page last year in November because I decorate my home, I live off the beaten path, I live on a very quiet road,” Chaney said. “And I thought to myself, I put it all here for people to enjoy and I would love a way to share and be able to see other people’s homes and let people know where the lights are in the room. region.”

When Jason Parker, another Christmas light enthusiast, heard about the Facebook group, he took it a step further and created a map with dozens of places where you can find the most festive lights.

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“There are all these little nooks and crannies of neighborhoods where people have a lot of Christmas spirit and want to decorate their homes. But now anyone can drive by these parts and see it. So that was the spirit of the group, ”Parker said.

To find a decorated home near you, look at the interactive Google map you can find on the group’s Facebook page, click on any of the locations for directions, and be transported to dazzling holiday lights.

“Really what it feels like for us is to see a smile on someone’s face or see a car go by really slowly, we’re like, ‘Oh, they really liked that,’ Parker said. . “It’s those kinds of moments that let us know that what we’re doing makes people feel some kind of joy,” he said.

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