Rush of devotees thins out at Yadadri Temple


Yaddri: The rush of devotees to Yadadri has diminished due to mid-level and SSC exams. Apart from the examinations, the increase in scorching temperatures has also shown an impact on the precipitation. People from distant places have been visiting Yadadri since its inauguration. Usually the rush of worshipers will be high on weekends, but on Saturday a considerable number of worshipers were seen in the morning and a few worshipers were seen around the temple and in the queues. The devotees informed that it takes 10 minutes to have Swayambhu’s darshan.

Similarly, BJP MP Raja Singh, who visited Yadadri, expressed concern over damage to roads and water entering the temple in light rains.

The fact remains that the BJP had said well in advance that the construction of the temple should be done by efficient engineers.

He mocked CM KCR for his decisions alone as a pseudo-engineer and questioned him about the pitiful state of the temple.

He questioned CM KCR on whether millions of money spent on temple renovations were public money or CM’s own money.

Stating that the real quality of the works of the Yadadri shrine has been revealed during the recent rains, he informed that the observations made will be brought to the attention of the party leader Bandi Sanjay and call for a CBI investigation into the irregularities in the renovation works of the Yadadri temple.


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