Roger Hunt funeral – updates as Liverpool pay homage to club legend


The day Roger Hunt and Liverpool’s first team offered the ultimate surprise

For many Liverpool fans, Roger Hunt’s legacy will live on.

The Reds’ second-leading scorer in club history was a player capable of creating special moments on the pitch and will forever be an iconic figure.

As people stop to remember the spectacular player Hunt was, there are also many special stories about Roger the Person.

A fine example dates back to January 28, 1967 – which saw Liverpool take on Watford away from home in the FA Cup third round.

In the days leading up to this game, a Liverpool fan named Neill Cowin was watching the Reds practice at their Melwood training base and asked members of the first team, including Tommy Lawrence and Hunt, an unlikely question.

Cowin hosted a 21 st birthday party for his girlfriend Lynda, whom he later married, and asked if the players would be a surprise.

No one at the party expected this to happen. But how wrong they were.

Geoff Strong, Gordon Milne, Gerry Byrne, Ian Callaghan, Lawrence and Hunt were among those who visited, which they did on their return from the Reds’ goalless draw with the Hornets at Vicarage Road.

It was a day that Mrs. Cowin, now 75 years old, has certainly not forgotten and of which she has fond memories.



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