Porsche Aficionado celebrates 80 years with the 80th Porsche


Very few car manufacturers generate the same level of passion as Porsche. Perhaps the level of obsession with Stuttgart products explains why Porsche purists hate everything the company does that is new, from the “angular” design of the original 911 to use by the new generation 992. two fonts on the rear trunk lid and turbochargers in non-Turbo cars. Some Porsche collectors refuse to drive anything that is water-cooled, sticking to the air-cooled flat-sixs that were phased out when the 993-gen 911 ended production. This is not the case for a man aptly named Ottocar who recently landed his 80th Porsche, a Miami Blue Boxster Spyder, to add to his collection during his 80 years.

Living the Porsche dream

Ottocar Porsche 80 2

via the Porsche press room

The Porsche feature on this Austrian Ottocar, identified only by the initial of his surname J, tells the story of a man’s love for Porsche. He first caught the virus almost 50 years ago on the racetrack, where, he said, “Porsche cars have just passed me on all sides.” This experience will quickly lead him to his first Porsche purchase, a Speed ​​Yellow 911 E purchased in 1972. His collection currently consists of 38 cars, including legendary racing cars like a 917, an eight-cylinder 910, a 904 with the original Fuhrmann quad-cam. , and a 964 Coupe car.

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A Porsche collection needs a home

Ottocar Porsche 80 3

via the Porsche press room

Ottocar houses his collection in a dedicated building that includes a ton of memorabilia such as mugs, posters, trophies, toys and many ephemera surrounding Steve McQueen’s passion movie, Le Mans. Other models inside the Porsche Sanctuary include a 993 Turbo S, a 997 GT2 RS, a Jagdwagen military vehicle, a 356 premier coupe, a Carrera 2.7 RS, and an entire row of 930 Turbo and Turbo examples.

Unlike many collectors, Ottocar actually drives the vehicles he owns, including the Boxster Sypder and even the 917, in which he regularly competes in classic races. In the future, he even plans to drive the Pan-American Highway in a Porsche Cayenne SUV, although he says the Boxster Spyder holds a special place in the collection because “The sound, the way it rolls, its suspension. , all it does – it’s the only one of my road-approved Porsches that reminds me of my 910. ”

Sources: newsroom.porsche.com and stuttcars.com.

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