PCA and BCAA form a new collaboration


Two cigar industry organizations, the Premium Cigar Association and the Boutique Cigar Association of America, recently came together to create a united political front between older, more established cigar companies and smaller boutique brands.

“Being united in our quest to protect premium cigars and pipe tobacco is essential as we navigate this changing regulatory environment,” PCA President Greg Zimmerman said in an official statement. “With our recent legal successes, we now live in a unique moment as an industry and having the BCAA on our side will only strengthen our voice and our effectiveness.”

In light of this new partnership, the BCAA has also announced that it will be attending the PCA show in Las Vegas next year.

“The trade show is where businesses are born, providing a fresh opportunity to open new accounts and develop new relationships that can benefit them for decades to come,” said the Advocacy Director of the PCA State, J. Glynn Loope. Cigar lover.

Founded in 2016, the BCAA is an association of 45 small cigar companies across the United States with a mission to promote and support these small family businesses that produce less than one million cigars per year. Wishing to showcase the boutique cigar industry, the organization also seeks to ensure the preservation of the art of cigar making and its place in the global economy.

“The vision of this partnership is to bring together the novelty and excitement of BCAA’s young small cigar businesses and the breadth of wisdom and experience of well-established PCA members,” said Armen Caprielian, co-owner of DAV Cigars and president. of BCAA’s Board of Directors.

“By sharing our knowledge, resources and experiences, we all stand ready to present a united front to promote our industry, advocate for sensible regulation that preserves our shared tobacco heritage and secures a vibrant future for manufacturers, retailers and consumers,” added Caprielian. .


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