Odisha: Devotee Donates Over 4kg of Gold and 3kg of Silver to Puri Jagannath Temple | Latest India News


Lord Jagannath devotee donated over 4kg of gold jewelry and 3kg of silver for the trinity – Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Lord Jagannath, on the occasion of Shree Panchami, Temple Administration said Shree Jagannath (SJTA).

A representative of the devotee met with the chief administrator of SJTA, Krishan Kumar, and delivered the precious adornments to the temple office on Tuesday in the presence of some members of the management committee and other officials.

“The devotee has asked not to reveal his identity as he does not want publicity for the donation,” Kumar said.

The ornaments consist of 4.858 kg of gold and 3.867 kg of silver, sources said, adding that the ornaments specially designed for the trinity will be used on special pujas.

The gold jewelry included “Jhoba” (middle part of the idol), “Srimukha” (face) and “Padma” (lotus) for three deities of the 12th century shrine.

A total of 40 ‘Shree Mukha Padma’ and two ‘Jhobaa’ ornaments are given for Lord Balabhadra, while 53 ‘Shree Mukha Padma’ and two ‘Jhobaa’ for Lord Jagannatha and two ‘Tadaki’ and two ‘Jhobaa’ for Devi Subhadra were given to the temple.

After receiving the ornaments, they were kept in the temple office treasury under strict security. The temple administration will deliver the jewelry to the ‘Bhandara Mekapa’ (temple treasurer) on Wednesday.

Earlier, a devotee from Bhubaneswar donated ‘Surjya’ (Sun) and ‘Chandra’ (Moon) ornaments to the deities of Srimandir.

On January 10, a devotee donated gold ornaments weighing more than 300 grams to the deities. Earlier, another devotee pledged to donate 21kg of silver ornaments, sources said.


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