Not rested, Regan Smith gives up 4:41 500 free at Club Meet



14-year phenomenon Regan smith just posted the 6th fastest time ever in the 13-14 girls’ age group in the 500 freestyle, and she hasn’t even fallen for it.

Smith, swimming in the Foxjet Invite at the University of Minnesota, clocked a blazing time of 4: 41.93 in the 500 freestyle tonight to easily win the race and set the 6th fastest time in girls history. from 13 to 14 years old. It’s no surprise that the event’s NAG record holder is Katie Ledecky with a 4: 35.14 established in 2011.

Speaking to SwimSwam tonight, Regan’s dad Paul (a USA Swimming coach, but not Regan’s coach) said it was a huge swim and the family were really happy with the results.

The 500 was one of many events Smith passed on to the Speedo (West) junior championships in December. Regarding tonight’s swim, Regan’s dad Paul Smith said:Regan lost 4:41 to the 500 tonight. No shaving or taper. Huge swimming. Really happy. I wish she had swam it tapered.“Regan herself said she”really felt on the back half. “

However, Smith felt in the back half of the race, her gaps remained solid. While it’s impossible to know how fast Smith could have gone had she swam the 500 at Junior, it’s reasonable to conclude that she could become a national contender in the middle distance free styles in the future. Ledecky will likely remain at the top of the heap for years to come, although she will one day count on top talent such as Smith to keep pushing her to continued greatness.

Smith’s divisions tonight are as follows:

Increment All By 50 By 100
50 24.67 24.67
100 52.21 27.54 52.21
150 1: 20.20 27.99
200 1: 48.35 28.15 56.14
250 2: 16.28 28.47
300 2: 45.59 28.77 57.24
350 3: 14.76 29.17
400 3: 43.99 29.23 58.40
450 4: 13.08 29.09
500 4: 41.93 28.58 57.94




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