Nizamuddin Markaz cannot have a devotee cap if no other religious place has one: Delhi High Court


New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Monday allowed the Hazrat Nizamuddin Mosque to open for prayers during Ramzan in accordance with guidelines issued by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) to maintain social distancing given the increase in Covid cases -19 in the capital country.

The High Court, which rejected the representations of the Center and the Delhi Police, observed that there can be no limit to the number of worshipers allowed to enter the Nizamuddin Markaz when no other religious place has a such restriction.

The High Court said, however, that a list of people running the mosque could be turned over to the local SHO.

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An inspection of the mosque in the presence of the local SHO will take place, according to the order of the High Court, to measure the area to determine the number of people who can offer namaz to the place in accordance with the standards of social distancing and in marking places where prayer rugs can be put for worshipers.

Attorney Rajat Nair, who represented the Center in the High Court, said earlier at the hearing that a list of 200 people can be submitted to the police, but only 20 people can enter the mosque at the times to comply with social distancing standards.

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Order came on submissions that the Hazrat Nizamuddin Mosque can be made operational for worshipers to offer prayers since the month of Ramzan begins April 14, adding that it should, however, be subject to the Covid guidelines issued by DDMA.


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